heart of pure

Good people are needed everyday to keep the world at perfection.without good people where would we be in our millennium.

In 1960-1975 american soldiers allied and helped southern Vietnam 58,000 Americans died in battle but aside from casualties they died for the greater good of others out of the kindness of there heroic of hearts.The good soul citizen helps not only themselves but others and is why more are needed. Many people dough that a good man can make a difference but a good person can. I mean just look at M.L.K he just one man that made a big difference .So just imagine if we had more good people in the world working together to make a change for the better now that would be something amazing.

We need good people because with out good people this world would be chaos .The fact is that good people are powerful they are moral  compasses for country's and cites.Now imagine if people that where killers and lies where the ones that control a country with there cricked morals. So yeah we need it good people .The day we lose good people and their morals is the day the world has lost its sun shine.

So next time you think you don't need a person and they are good, imagine the world with out them and see how nice it will be.


Dear to who this may concern,

Devon is a Person that cares for people and loves to help if he can even go out of his way to help even tho it may be worthless.He can also be a very hard worker if he is motivated but he is trying to be his best 100%.He is also very honest and will always answer you with a straight answer .He has a big voice and this can be good but also bad .Its just bad because sometimes he gets a little loud.He is also a great public speaker .He is also very energetic sometime.So just know he is good for work tho ,and brings good ideas and creativity .

                                                                                     serenely ,

                                                                                              Mike ,jones

letter of intent

                                         Jairam,Devon Wiltion


                                                El paso ,79984


Mr.Smith ,owner of auto shop

works with automotives

4071 Awesome street

El paso ,Texas 79938

Dear Mr.Smith

I am a hard worker that will do his best in your shop regardless if you are there or not.I am honest and am willing to work 6 days out of the week for you.

I am a freshly graduated for collage .I graduated with a 3.0 average and i am happy to say I have a good amount of expansions with cars.I am athletic and have won trophies.I volunteer sometime at dog shelter to try and make a diffidence and i love to help people .

regards to,

Devon Jairam


phone#915 828 8282

1223 mikes street



Objective:My goal is to one day own my own automotive shop

Education: i went to elementary at spring lake elementary ,then i went to sun ridge for middle ,and pebble hills for high school.

experience:i have had experiences with constriction and a little landscaping I work till the job is done and i do my best and then some.

Skills:i am great with my hands i am very social ,and i am physical fit

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