Lesson Plan: Business Proposal Project
Latesha Mason


My business will provide book/medical dictionary for the understanding on the position you will to become, classes that will instruct and guide you through the process, and all the supplies that are needed. With all the products/services my business is making available to the customers, all that my business is arranging is that with each class you take there will be a payment that’s due, and with each item you borrow there will be price you have pay.


My short term goal for my business is to within a month of opening, have up to at least 50-75 people registered for classes. I hope to have as many people as possible interested in the medical life. With the success of my business hopefully that could persuade others to take an interest.

My long term goal for Medicare is to become very success and hopefully have my business spread. I would love to help people in the process of becoming apart of the medical life and show them how good to feel the life of other living creatures.


The reason why I plan to create this type of business was because I wanted to create a small business where people who are interested in the medical life get to receive the proper education, and actual get to experience what medical life is like.

I would hope m customers would pick me over others because my business is providing people options. I am giving people the chance to be something they always wanted to become.


2000 South Board Street