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Communism Evolved

The communist theories and practices have changed enormously over the years from different events and personal influences. In today's generation, communism is seen as an economic ideology, which means the country is completely stateless on the beliefs of the superior. Furthermore, the state is without social classes and money to achieve social order.

Karl Marx's view:

  • Marx's being a socialist, believed that having wealth would be the best aspect to obtain in a society to maintain the control of the wealth one or a group has in the social classes.
  • "Men lived in a state of nature that forced him to struggle for survival", in a lower social class,came to be known as the proletariats-working class, that was fighting for equal wealth.
  • In result, as a positive "the proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have the world to win", from a successful revolution that would hopefully overthrow all the social classes.
  • Since the Industrial Revolution had caused a separation between a higher class(bourgeoisies) and the lower class(proletarians) that focused on the wealth each group held and particularly ignored the lower class that suffered from not containing that wealth. Marx solution was a plan that would come on its own from the proletariat society that consisted of the people working together to accomplish equality for all social classes and those peoples common good.

Part 11

Vladimir Llyich Ulyanov's view on communism:

  • The Russian Revolution gives some good background to Lenin's view on communism. He was aiming to change the power of balance in the government, mostly focusing on the up rise of the proletariat class. Before the actually revolution, other events that influence on it was Bloody Sunday, March Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution(civil war), Russo-Japanese War, etc. These events have lead to the ideas of Lenin's view on communism.
  • The "broken ruins of our movement", was called Bloody Sunday because they unintentional deaths of the people who were simply trying to get better working conditions died for just taking a stand in the snow on the "Tarakanovskii Canal" a couple yards away from the Winter Palace gates.
  • Bloody Sunday violated the only rights of the working class, in several rounds of riffle shots. In the end, October Manifesto was passed by Nicolas the second in hopes of apologizing to the workers who were killed. It was a fake policy that kept Lenin striving for revolution.
  • Lenin's chant of "Peace,Land,Bread", was spread through the Bolshevik Revolution as a socialist view.
  • This allowed the government to take these aspects in and then distribute it back out among society. The signing of the Treaty of Breast-Vekise was a helping factor to this revolution when Lenin came back to lead it.

Part 111

Mao Zedong's Communist view

Zedong has his own version of communism, which were ideas of peasants being the leaders of the revolution and communism occurring in a rural manner. He tried to reach this version by using methods of bribe and letting laisze-afaire take over the violence aspect.

The revolutionary known as Lenin "sends military and equipment to help out China's Nationalist government", as returning the favor to China since they did let the Kuomintang join their communist party. This was a bribe not only benefiting China but Russia as well. If the leaders of China and Russia did not unite then the power they seized would have not been gained. "Rapidly increasing in violence. No force can stand in its way. The peasantry will tear apart all nets", that hold together an unfair lifestyle that is forcing the peasants to rebel against. Zedong had the same idea as Marx, that the lower class being so large it will exceed it limit and snap with the revolts that will occur from that social class, possibly overthrowing the system.

Part IV
(1919 - 1939)

Against Communism Views

  • Duma's gain in power (during March Revolution)
  • Czars Refuse to Change

After Nicolas the second gives up his power and is executed with his family, power lands in the hands of Duma. The Duma lead by Kerensky established a provisional government which was not in the favor of the socialist eyes, like revolutionary leader Lenin. That government system would not support the poor, only the higher wealthy classes. In plan to change this government, revolts organize the SSIR.

The Czars were in favor of the social classes closer to the bourgeoisies and didn't really have anything good to offer to poverty. Now, Alexander the second passed a legislation that was basically like an emancipation. This absolutist leader made a autocratic decision which put violence to the people with secret police, exile to sebria, monitored education, and so on. These ways went totally against the communist views of Marx, Lenin, Zendong, because it violation the coommon good of people and there is no balance of power.

Part V

Cuba's Communist Country today

Cuba is know as a socialist state still till this day and contains a constitution that is more then based off the ideas of Jose Marti. Presidents and council members are all elected by the National Assembly of People's Power , when one has won they will serve five years of more if they like. "Through free, equal, and secret vote" is the way citizens in Cuba have a power in the government but is not exactly a equal power compared to the officials that run this communist country. The communism in Cuba relates back to the ideas of Lenin in the way that he too tried to enforce how being in an equal state was important to have balance of power. Also, Cuba has only had six party congress meetings since 1975. " 800,00 members, and representatives", that don't necessarily have to do anything for this communist country which gives the society the same power as these people. Marx believed that laise-afaire would take care of government when things were needed by society to benefit the people and that is what Cuba does by sticking to a system that only meets when their country is in crisis so power isn't abused.

Part V1

Personal Reaction

  • I am not in the favor of a Communist party.
  • I feel that there is no order within a country that has no limitations besides crimes. Human rights and power for equality is violated even when there is a communism government.
  • I favor in Rousseas The Social Contract, because the government is suppose to work for the people. In every job that someone has they are working for someone to benefit from that work like the all governments should do.

Leonila Sargento
Period 3

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