The Formation Of The earth and continental dirft

Roughly 4.54 billion years ago the earth was created by asteroids smashing together creating immense heat and molding the rocks together, to this very day that heat remains inside the earth and it will remain extremely hot for billions of years to come.

At the center of the earth it is the inner core, this is as hot as the surface of the sun, it is solid and made of nickel and iron.

Then there is the outer core, this is liquid and is also made  iron and nickel mostly.

The Mantle is above that and it is semi-solid and made of molten rock (Magma)

Then there is the crust this is made of rock and minerals and is the thinnest and coolest layer, this is where we live

Inside the mantle there is convection currents, these are currents of heat this pushes the crust and makes it moves this causes Continental drift. We can prove Continental drift exists by the fact Fossil plants in India, South Africa, Australia, Antarctica and South America are similar to each other.

Continental drift causes the plates in the earth crust to move and this moves the land masses. Some plates get further apart and some plates get closer together. There are few different  types of plate boundaries, Constructive (the plates are moving further apart and new magma is rising between them for example the mid Atlantic ridge), Destructive (the plates are forced together and the lighter plate is forced underneath thus destroying land for example the south american plate and the Nazca plate), Conservative (Two plates move along next to each other for example San Andreas Fault in California), Collision ( The plates collide the same as a destructive boundary but are the same mass so they are pushed up together, this creates mountains an example of this would be the Eurasian plate and the Indian plate)

300-100 million years ago the landmasses were a super continent called Pangaea it split apart to create the continents we know today 100 million years from the now the earth will be very different large parts of Africa Europe and the Americas will be submerged Indonesia and India will not exist and Australia will be part of Antarctica.

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