Women's Biathlon

By: Yulemi Martinez, Mason Cobb, and Farai Madzudzo
Block 5

Ancient Olympics

The Ancient Olympics were first held in 776 B.C.

The ancient Olympics games took place on the ancient plains of Olympia.

The games were put on in honor of the Gods, mainly Zeus.

  • Pentathlon- running, jumping, and discus throwing. Wrestling was added in 708 B.C.
  • In running there was a 200m race, two 400m races, and a race that was 7 and 24 stades.
  • For jumping they used stones to increase distance of the jump.
  • For the discus throw, the discus was made of stone and was similar to the discus throw today.
  • Wrestling- it was a form of military exercise, no weapons included.
  • Boxing- Wrapped their fingers to keep them steady. Straps started out soft but then started using hard leather.
  • Pankration- Combination of martial arts, wrestling and boxing, these were considered to be tough sports.
  • Equestrian Events- These were a combination of horse races, and chariot races.

Modern Olympics

The first modern Olympics were held on April 6-15 in Athens, Greece. The first modern winter Olympic games here held in Chamonix, France in 1924. The last city to hold the winter games was Vancouver, Canada.

About Women's Biathlon

The first known records of a biathlon during the winter was in Norway in 1776. A winter Olympic biathlon consists of cross country skiing and target shooting. Each activity has its own origin, for example the hunting came from Norway in the Neolithic time period. Rock paintings were found of hunters gliding on pieces of wood. However the Greek, Roman, and Chinese were the first accounts of writings to have hunters hunt on skis. The skiing came from “patrol races” that date back to the Middle Ages. The biathlon that was first organized was in Norway in 1776. Until 1955 the biathlon was known as a “Patrol Race”.

The training for the Biathlon Olympics consists of  training to run different distances depending on the event. They can either run 12.5 km, 10 km, or 7.5 km. Some runs are meant for longer distance and some are meant for sprinting. They would also have to know how to shoot a rifle.

Rules of the sport: The athletes must ski their distance and then shoot and hit the target. If the bi-athlete misses the target they must ski a 150 meter loop.

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