Sir Patrick's Exploration Proposal.

The Best proposal in England.

Proposal:  Greetings, King Henry VIII, I would like you to finance my expedition in the                                                     New World.

I will leave for my expedition on the year 1550.

I am an English Explorer.

Since our country is wanting more land, gold, and lumber, I will gain that on my expedition at the New World.

I am planning on going to Virginia, because that area is heavily wooded, which is good for lumber, many places to attempt to mine, which is best for scavenging for gold, and land that has not been explored farther west, where no colonies have been formed.

I will need a medium-sized ship with a reasonable fifty men so that I have people to explore with me. 

I will need one hundred barrels of food so that I have enough food to feed my men during the trip to the New World.

When I come back to England, I promise I will have barrels full of gold, new Christians, and more land that belongs to England.

Since England wishes the religion of Christianity, I will persuade Native Americans to join the religion.

If I was the explorer, I would look for iron and gold, lumber,  food, and water.  I want these goods because I can buy stuff with the gold, build a shelter with the lumber, and food and water so that I can survive in the new world, and iron for the armor and weapons so that I can defend myself against the Native Americans.

Other countries that are exploring this continent are Spain and France.

The other countries are looking for people to join their religion, gold for money, and land for the growth of the countries.

In the event of an encounter with other Europeans, I will attempt to avoid their area in which they dwell.

If I encounter Native Americans, I will be prepared with the intelligence of the Algonquian language so that I can persuade them to join the religion of Christianity.

I think a problem that I will encounter is conflict between my men and the Native Americans.  In order to overcome this conflict, I will have to fight off the Native Americans with muskets and swords.

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Seriously Patrick, Lets party forever?

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yah dude

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