These airmaxes show economy by only using one color on the entire shoe, giving the shoe a bare feel.
These airmaxes represent texture because of the cork material used to make the shoe.
These airmaxes represent horizontal and parallel lines in that none of the lines on the shoe touch at any point.
These airmaxes represent a the term point because there are points on certain parts of the shoe that are open in a plane.
The polka dots on the airmaxes represent circles and rhythm due to the repetition of the dots
These airmaxes represent value because of the way the dark pink fades into a bright yellow.
The way that the picture of the airmaxes is taken represents space because it emphasizes how long the shoe is from the angle of the picture.
This picture of airmaxes represents shape due to the design of the triangles on the shoe.
This picture represents color because the designer used warm, vibrant, colors to send the message of a shoe meant for being active.
These airmaxes represent rhythm because of how the shapes and colors are repetitive on the exterior design of the shoe.
This picture represents represents contrast because of the difference in color used to emphasize the sole of the shoe.
This picture represents unity because the same design is being repeated on the entire shoe to make one design.
This represents form due to a 2D design on a flat surface that shows the impression of a 3D figure.
This picture represents symmetry because both sides of the shoe are exactly the same structure wise.
This picture represents proportion because of the elongated shape in comparison to the regular airmax 90.
This picture represents emphasis on the black shoe. The white shoe is a different variation of the same design.
This picture represents polygon due to the use of straight lines to create a digital camo effect.
This picture represents mass because of the amount of air needed to fill the bubble on a pair of airmaxes.
This picture represents area because of the amount of floral print needed to cover the desired area of the shoe.
These airmaxes represent a fillet because of the rounded edges on the tongue to add comfort for the wearer.

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