Welcome Back

Whitcomb Elementary 2014-15

Welcome Back to School! We are looking forward to a fantastic year at Whitcomb Elementary! I hope you took some very well deserved time this summer to rest and recharge.  A new year always brings excitement and the promise of new challenges and successes.  I can't wait to see what our outstanding Whitcomb Giraffes are able to achieve this year.   

Welcome to our new Giraffes...

Please join me in welcoming these new faculty members:

Jennifer Buckels - Assistant Principal                  Melanie Brezik - Kindergarten

Tia Nguyen - Kindergarten                                   Rometta Sampson - 1st grade

Erika Bahena - 3rd grade                                     Mallory Lee - 3rd grade

Amie Prince - 3rd grade                                       Amy Robbins - 3rd grade

Allie Battenfield - 5th grade                                  Kaye Garza - Resource                      

Candice Parks - Resource                                 Courtney Barrett - AA

Emily Dzierski - LSSP

Mark your calendars...

As always, the summer flew by!  On Monday, we begin our journey into the 2014-15 school year.  The schedule for next week is following:

Monday, August 18th - Campus Professional Development

          Breakfast Provided

          Campus vision, coaching roles, behavior refresher, foundational tool, rotations

Tuesday, August 19th - District Professional Development

          Professional dress (no jeans)

          Sessions will open for enrollment at 8:00am on Friday, August 15th

           Make sure you sign up early (sessions fill up fast!)

          See PD schedule attached to email for course listings

Wednesday, August 20th - Campus Professional Development

          Team Collaboration - see your grade level Team Leader

           1:30 - 5th grade teachers attend Technology Integration at League City Int.

Thursday, August 21st - Campus Professional Development

           Dr. Smith's Welcome Back Video, STEMScope Training, Emergency Crisis

           Training, Dismissal Procedures, Office Updates, Housekeeping

           Team Planning in the afternoon

Friday, August, 22nd - Work Day

             Breakfast provided by PTA

            Work in your room

            2:00 - Meet the Teacher

To Do's...

As you prepare for next week, please be mindful of the following things:

***Bring you fully charged tablet to our campus PD sessions

***Open Benefits Enrollment ends on Tuesday, August 19th.  Make sure that you

    have logged into the online system to update your benefits selections before

    the August 19th deadline.

***Ensure that you have a Microsoft account and can access One Note.  If you have

    difficulty, contact our TIS (Rod Dunklee) for support. Jennifer and I can also help you.

    Jennifer will be sending you a link to a One Note Notebook through email.

****Most importantly, enjoy the last few moments of your summer vacation!!!

Giraffe's Rock!
See you Monday :)