Coastal Plains

The Place to Be...

By: Natalia Warthen and Ashley Kangas

If you could take a trip anywhere in Georgia, where would it be? Piedmont would be a great region to go to for a fun, exciting trip. Blue Ridge would be another option, if you would like a vacation full of scenery and nature. But what if you don't like the hustle and bustle of the Piedmont region, the peacefulness of the Blue Ridge region, or you would just like to experience both? How about a trip to the Coastal Plains region? With options like excitement AND nature, it is the best place to be!

Beautiful Scenery in the Coastal Plains

Business Opportunities in the Coastal Plains

The Coastal Plains has many business opportunities for citizens who aren't coming for a vacation. For example, the coastal area (Outer Coastal Plains) of this region is well known for their fishing and forest resources, which means their main industries are marketing seafood and wood products. Other industries that support their economy are tourism, shipping at ports, fishing, papermaking, and forestry. The Inner Coastal Plains area is supported mainly by their agriculture industry. Peanuts, cotton, peaches, and onions are just a few important crops.

Cumberland Island creates a lot of profit because of the tourism. Many people come there (and to other islands) every year to see the beautiful scenery.

Coastal Plains Attractions

There are attractions in the Coastal Plains for people with all types of hobbies. Whether you enjoy a stroll on the beach or a tour of historic sites, the Coastal Plains has something for everyone.

Physical Features and Geography of the Coastal Plains

Physical Features:

If you're looking into visiting the Coastal Plains, you probably want to know what the geography and physical features are like there. The Coastal Plains region covers three-fifths of Georgia, which means it is the largest region in the state. It is separated into two areas: the Inner and Outer Coastal Plains. The Outer Coastal Plains is near the ocean, while the Inner Coastal Plains is near the The Fall Line and the Piedmont region. The Fall Line is one physical feature that divides the Piedmont region and the Coastal Plains region. It seperates Georgia's different sources of water. North of the Fall Line, people use reservoirs. South of the Fall Line, people use wells. However, if you're looking into visiting a physical feature where you can see wild life, the Okefenokee swamp is the place to go. It is the second largest freshwater swamp in the United States! Though these both sound fun, there is one feature you must visit on your trip to the Coastal Plains: the Barrier Islands. The Barrier Islands are a very popular tourist attraction, and are also a piece of history!


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