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Coat Racks make Learning Simple!

Learning Simplified With a Coat Rack!

Many years ago a story by Theodore Sturgeon introduced me to the concept of a "coatrack" ...  a place to hang things in an orderly manner.

In Sturgeon's story, an alien faced with a long and tedious description of the four-cycle internal combustion engine (do YOU remember the Carnot Cycle, and Adiabatic Expansion?) reduced it to a simple "coatrack" ... "suck, squeeze, pop, phooey".

Think about it ... anything you learn about the four-cycle engine has a place to hang on that set of four concepts!

It's a useful technique. I found myself in the position of having to take a course in accounting, a subject about which I knew nothing. Yes, there was a textbook, and many exercises ... but I aced the examination by remembering three simple rules:
1. You increase cash by debiting it;
2. Debits must equal credits;
3. Debits go on the left.

Once again, a nice coatrack, and it worked.