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Soooooooooo..... As some of you know I'm a type of person whose life  refuses  to catch a break from its series of trials and tribulations.  But  in case you are new to my story or need a recap  of the most recent  "Season" in my series of misfortunes  let's bring you up to speed:

-I lost  my father to a freak accident involving  an ambulance, a wrong  turn and really bad timing on all Saints Day. This happened  when I had just found  new work millions of miles away. I was not able to make it to his burial.

- About  two months later on Christmas Day I found out that a very serious legal dispute  and attack move was done  on my dad's estate by his sister and a woman who claims to be his  wife despite copious amount of evidence,  including back logs, convos and  diary notes proving the contraey.  My not  being present in the country  of dispute was being taken advantage  of,  and I was- to the urging of my brothers and other family- forced to make a very difficult decision.

- The decision involved taking time off work when I was very close to making a very career  advancing move and abandon a very hot project to establish legal  presence  to set motions  in the interest of protecting my dad's legacy.  I was told the whole thing will  take two weeks to almost a month tops.

- That was two months ago in January.


- I finally was able to get the paper work done to leave the country but  it being close  to the Spring new year holidays  the price  of tickets had  gone up.

- My family had arranged for a ticket  over two times the price we had budgeted for and a rush ticket was arranged before the price would become  10 times more expensive .

- a rush  ticket  naturally  means  rush planning  and packing . Something that took 38 hours of wake time.

-The airport  and process  of leaving the country was not fun,  nor  friendly .  By the time  I got on the plane to the connecting country  Everything was grey and I just remembered  the sensation  of sweat mindlessly shuffling baggage and endless  security  check points .

-The next thing I remember  was waking  up to roudy sounds  of  an over excited family of Chinese passengers.

  And the clock being  30 minutes past my connecting departure  flight.

- I went to the flight desk and the rebook flight will not be happening without  a $900 minimum.

- I only have 40 dollars  in my pocket  and about  90 in my bank  card.

- My cards are maxed  out because  of the work and abrupt abandonment  of last  month.

- My family has already paid out three  times the amount we had planned for which I have to eventually pay  back.

- My girlfriend whose been dying  to see me isn't even awake yet to know what's up.  Neither are my cats.  And the news is going to break her .  [Update She woke  up up when I typed this,  she's handling this better than me right now,  so that's a plus. ]

- There is so much more work I have to get back to,  starting  with doing some drywall mould work in my apartment  due to a water  pipe breaking  while I was gone.  

- All I want to do is come home and sleep in my bed.  So I can have some  rest for  what comes next.

-And I am so so tired.

So here we are.  In  an empty smoking lounge with very  little fuel to get  to the season finale .

With  this neon sign flipping  me  the finger :  


-Wow,  first Tackk milestone of over  100 views  in a few hours.  Thanks guys.

- Situation  is less dire  now  - I booked a flight two days from now for only 300 bucks  out  of 500 mom sent me instead of the 1500 Euros for a 24 hour flight.  Now  I got to find a place to stay.

-As for donations ,  your are awesome !  Some  people  are having difficulty  making a donation through here but my regular Ppall is

- As you know I'm a huge Ingress  fan and consider  myself both a fan,  an active player and Community  Outreach  member. If you know any Agents it ate one in the Frankfurt area who are down to connect and point out good  places  to play with wifi or other pleasentries  (maybe have me crash? ) , you know how to find me.

- 9 PM Local  time .  I've made it through  customs abd by a phoe charger station. I'll be here for a bit as I plan my next moves.  I've  also connected  with lla local Ingress  Agent  on the comm. All faction members  willing to connect are obv welcome.

-- Big thanks to:

-First my Buddy Kasra and new friends in Tehran  who were my first responders in calming me down and getting me in touch with my family there to get them aware of the situation .

- Ingress Agents in AM02-DELTA -14 Community and beyond for getting the word out.  

- BIPPEE13  Facebook  community for  the exact same  and  others.  

- All of you who remembered "Code Blue" meant and following through with it.

-everyone who has donated.

- Mom for  keeping me alive and on my feet.  (Again)

- Caitlin for helping me deal with sobbing fits including  this one and giving me a change of perspective . Love you,  baby.  Sorry about yet another  delay.  I'll see you soon.

What do you got to say about that,  partner?  

A Million Thanks.

Safe, Booked and at a Hostandwith contributions enough to turn the Code Blue Panic into a Beautiful much needed 2 day Detour and break stop to a very long road. Code Green In 40 hours.

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2 years ago

Wouldn't let me donate more then $10... Safe Journeys... Let me know if you need me to look up enlightened players for wherever you land

2 years ago

TotalChaos: thank you Sir. You are the first Public office holder I personally know who has given me money when I needed it and not the other way around :D

2 years ago

Shelltoedkid: thanks dude. Check the updates. I'm about ready to start walking .

2 years ago

Thanks s bunch Steve. I'm Charging my phone by a portal right now.

2 years ago

This is the the most environmentally relaxed I've been in a while . You and everyone is awesome at keeping my spirits up.

2 years ago

I'm in, man. Best of luck!

2 years ago

Donated too! We both hope to see you back home safe and sound soon! We miss you here.

2 years ago

Donated sia :) I hope you get home safe and sound soon!

2 years ago

Hey sia, I hope you are able to get back soon, donated 10 for ya buddy. In the meantime go get some German uniques! ;)

2 years ago

Hope this helps. Have a safe trip home, good luck and God speed.