The Coffee Cycle

By sirenade

She stomped down the hallway, muttering and grumbling to herself. Why did she, of all people, have to get the coffee? Couldn't the company make the coffee easier to access? Or make robots to go get the coffee for her?


Step in the room. Breathe in, then out. In. Out. It had become a well-practiced ritual these days, as she was overloaded with orders of coffee from the sleep-deprived scientists. It seemed that she was the only one with any time to spare. After all, they had to work on some computer project so big that it was one of the company's top priorities. Time to bring out the weaponized ASHPD. She could surprisingly pronounce the name of those things, though it was rather difficult. Disarm the "monster", then get the coffee. These days, coffee seemed to be worth its weight in gold. Or moon dust.


Now all she had to was bring the coffee in. And start the cycle all over again.


The next day an announcement was made. It said that all machines would run on coffee. That was the day that she nearly quit her job in frustration. Unluckily for her, she didn't leave. And so years later, she very much did regret her decision.

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