By: Matthew Scoby

What's your favorite fountain drink?Pepsi?Sweet Tea?Dr.Pepper?Well,most people go for the All-American drink,Coca-Cola(Coke for short).I'm Matthew Scoby,an I'm here to take you to a wonderful history of Coca-Cola.Starting with Dr.John Stith Pemberton.


Dr.John Stith Pemberton,a local pharmacist,first produce the syrup for Coca-cola.When people tried it out,they were addicted to it.It became the first non-alcoholic drink ever!

Video of John Pemberton

Risks of Coca-Cola

Coca Cola Transportation

How does Coca-Cola be delivered,you may ask?well,I'll let my friend,Dagger,show you.

Risk is the potential of losing something of value.Every company,including the Coca-Cola Company,have to take risk on EVERYTHING.Some of the risks can possibly lead to a big or HUGE income,or it can put you out of business.Some of the risks for Coca-Cola include the following:

•If stores stop ordering Coca-Cola,then they'll loose money

•If no one pays for any Coca-Cola sponsor events,then the company can loose money.

•If any cokes contain substances a person can't consume,then the person might sue them,and they'll loose money.

In my opinion,if you get your own company,you might wanna do the "Pros" and "Cons" first before doing any risk.