By:Matthew Scoby

What's your favorite drink?Pepsi?Sprite?Dr.Pepper?Well,most people go for the All-American drink,Coca-Cola(or Coke for short). I'm Matthew Scoby,and I`m here to take you to a wonderful history of Coca-Cola. Starting with Dr.John Stith Pemberton.


Dr.John Pemberton(middle name:Stith) was the creator of the syrup for coca-cola. When he sold the drink to a pharmacy, people were amaze. It became a non-alcoholic drink for everyone.According to "The Telegraph", "The bubbles and chemical make-up of coca-cola makes the beverage an effective cure for getting rid of stomach blockages, a medical study has revealed, with doctors recommending the drink as an alternative to surgery". In my opinion, that`s a life saver.

              Risks of Coca-Cola

Risk is the potential of losing something of value. Every company,including the Coca-Cola Company, have to take risk on EVERYTHING. Some of the risks can possibly lead to a big or HUGE income, or it can put you out of business. Some of the risks include the following:

*If a store stop ordering Coca-cola, then they`ll loose money.

*If no one pays for any Coca-Cola sponsor events,then they`ll lose money.

*If any Coke contain substances a person can`t consume, then the person might sue them and the company will loose money.

In a suggestion like this, I`d go with the "Pros" and "Cons" first before doing any risk.

      Coca-Cola Transportation

How does Coca-Cola get delivered, you may ask? Well, I`ll let my friend, B.O.B., show you.


B.o.B. : Uh... Hi! My name is... B.o.B., and since I`m an expert on company transport, my friend wants me to tell you all about the transportation system.Every company needs some kind of transport.In Area 50-Something,our transportation is TANKS,ROCKETS,AND SUSAN.

Matthew : B.o.B., aren't you suppose to tell people about Coca-Cola`s transportation?

B.o.B. : Oh! I thought you said our transportation. In the Coca-Cola Company, their supply of cokes can be transported by trains,trucks,planes,even vans.They`ll go all around the world to deliver Cokes for every person to enjoy.

Matthew : Thank you, B.o.B. for the information.

B.o.B. : You`re welcome. Now back to Area-50 Something!!!!!!


Bill Backer said that he wanted to buy a coke around the world.He also said he wanted to give every homeless person a new home filled with peace and love.Every adult(or teen,making a prediction)decide to come together and sing, "I`d Like to Buy the World a Coke" and collect money to place different homeless people a safe,warm,and new home.

And here he is, for the final time, MC SCOBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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