Colby Cantrell

Ohio-Based Financial Professional


For over a decade, Thomas Colby Cantrell has served as a financial professional with Retirement Specialists of Central Ohio. From his office in Newark, Ohio, Cantrell provides clients with wealth-planning guidance. By giving personal attention to those who hire his firm, he learns their goals for the future and customizes financial strategies to enhance there retirement income with specific planning to ensure a lifetime of income. Hundreds of individuals have benefited from the services available through T, Colby Cantrell and the rest of the staff at Retirement Specialists of Central Ohio. These offerings include tax strategies, tax management, veteran's benefits, retirement income advice, and estate retention.

Prior to joining Retirement Specialists of Central Ohio, Cantrell attended Michigan State University. Additionally, he acquired a license to sell life and health insurance. Subsequently, he spent a decade at United Insurance Group as a regional manager and was responsible for long-term sales and management. Since accepting his current position, Mr. Cantrell has supplemented his position by performing as an investment advice representative with Portfolio Medics and by joining the Ohio Assisted-Living Association.                            

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