Cold Storage & Warehouse Management System Application

Running a cold storage is not an easy task and requires a proper management that works right from the lower till the upper level. To make the tasks easy you can have an application that is specifically designed keeping in mind the warehouse management system that works in the favor of it. The right warehouse managementcan make all the tasks a breeze as you work through making the whole task look like a small effort. Here are the areas where a comprehensive application of the warehouse management helps you to streamline the area of functions.

  1. Receiving the shipments

The cold storage receives a lot of shipments for the storage of specific goods. Depending on the size of the cold storage the shipment can vary from big to enormous. To handle this sort of a shipment size, you need to make sure that how the goods will be stacked inside the warehouse and how to utilize the best of available space. The right cold storage application does that for you. It not only makes the whole task easy but also makes it more efficient.Using the space

Better usage of the space accounts for better placement of goods. The goods that are stored in warehouse are generally for the longer duration of time. This calls for better placement of goods as they must be stacked in accordance of which batch that needs to be taken out first and which has to be taken out later. The management software lets you stack the batches according to the available space and help you keep a tab on the movement of the goods. You can have the availability of the space right from the desktop that gives you complete command over the management.

3. Placement and picking

After placing the goods you need to make sure that you know the exact placement of the goods, because when the time arrives, you need to deliver the goods right back at the desired location. There are often times when the shipment of the goods back is not in a single order but it takes place in segments. Here is when the help of the application arises which guides you right back at the areas and shelves where the specific lot and the size of the goods were stacked giving you the right location of the goods.

4. Packing the goods

After picking the right goods from the slot, it comes the time to pack them to deliver at their right destination. Packing of the goods is a crucial process as it involves carefully stacking the right segment of the goods. Ensuring the accuracy of the goods along with the packing determines the right cost and sized shipment.


After the packing it is the time of shipment of the goods at the right destination. At the time of the packing the software application implies and stacks the good according to the shipment. Thus, from the start the goods that are to be shipped at the same destination are stacked together so that at the time of shipment they can be just piled up and shipped. This saves you time and money.

Relying on paper trails and manual data entry may cost you a lot of time. The application reduces all such burden and gives you a complete control over managing your warehouse. The information is then automatically entered and all the relevant areas are covered. Should a discrepancy appear in a customer's order or invoice the application hands out the area of fault and you can work on it immediately.

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