Collaborative Working

While we always stress that Group Partners is not a ‘workshop company’ the workshops that we do facilitate are a vital part of many programs of work. They are a deliberate act of of co-creation where we engender collective impact, team spirit and the environment for decision making in a relatively short space of time.


Effective Use Of Time

A couple of days out for the team often feels like too great an ‘ask’ but those days deliver much more than could possibly be achieved in the countless meetings that are typically happening without a second thought in the day to day.

A Meaningful Agenda

There is no ‘agenda’ for our workshops, the only thing that drives the order of the days is the framework - which by now will be set up on the wall with some content already populated.

A Powerful Theatre For Thinking

Imagine a large wall - at least 50 feet - with what will initially look like a huge tapestry - or at least the skeleton of one. It will already be intriguing the minute people enter the room. There will be nothing between the team and the wall for the entire 2 days. They will be the owner of what we design and produce together.

A Focus On Insight

Our sole focus during that time together will be to have the most meaningful, most valuable and most enjoyable conversations as a team that we could possibly have. At the end of the 2 days there will be new insights, greater (shared) clarity and appreciation and ownership of the outcomes.