End of Year College Project

Your end of year project will consist of completing the items below in a college portfolio format. Please post all of your completed work on your TACKK to receive credit for your work. Directions for each particular aspect of your project are below. Please note that all sections must be on your TACKK (except for items 1, 2, and 3).

  1. College Application            
  2. FAFSA Form (Physical only)
  3. Job Application (Physical only)
  4. Persuasive Essay
  5. Letter of Recommendation    
  6. College / Career Presentation
  7. Cover Letter / Letter of Intent
  8. Resume
  9. College Advertisement (via Animoto)              

College Application

Complete your college application by clicking on the link below. The application must include your full name in order to receive credit.


The FAFSA form will be completed in class on Friday. You will need to have a completed W-2 Form as well as a completed FAFSA form to receive full credit for this portion of the project.

Job Application

Get a job application from an employer of your choice. Have the form completed and turned in by the due date. This must be a physical document, and will not be placed on TACKK.

Scholarship Persuasive Essay

Complete a persuasive essay response based on the following prompt: Please cut and paste your persuasive essay onto TACKK. 1 Page minimum / 2 Pages Maximum (typed, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman).

PROMPT: Write a persuasive essay that explains why you deserve to attend the university of your choice.


Write a persuasive essay explaining why you are the best candidate for a scholarship.

Be sure to include:

- A Thesis statement

- Ideas organized into paragraphs

- Examples to support your ideas (Personal, etc)

- Proper transitional phrases

Letter of Recommendation

Write a letter for recommendation for your partner. In turn, your partner must also write a letter of recommendation for you. For information about writing a proper letter of recommendation, click the button below.

Need a sample of one? Here is one that I made for one of your fellow students.

College / Career Presentation

The following must be included in your presentation in order to receive full credit: Add all information to your TACKK.

  • College Name and Mascot
  • College History and Origin
  • College Fight Song (Use Youtube)
  • Admission Requirements (SAT / ACT Scores)
  • 1 Element of Student Life
  • Costs and Tuition (For 1 semester or 1 year)
  • A copy of your degree plan (Based on a major of your choice) I recommend using http://degreeplans.utep.edu/ (They will not have all majors, but it's a great resource if you can find it on your universities website.)
  • Your Career Description (Provide information on the following: Salary, Current Demand, Duties and job description)
  • Job Requirements (Tests, Certifications, prerequisites for an entry level position, etc.)


They even have a UTEP one

Cover Letter

Create a cover letter requesting an interview to am employer of your choice. Remember to use formal language and have correct formatting. If you need information regarding a proper cover letter, click the link below.


Cover Letter: The purpose of the cover letter is to:

* Make a good case for the match between you and the position for which you are applying.

* Show how you are unique in your ability to add value to the organization.

* Focus on your qualifications for the position.

* Provide an example of your writing abilities.

* Convey interest in the position and an eagerness to be considered.

Cover letters should be tailored specifically for the position to which you are applying. At some organizations they are indicated as being "Optional," take it upon yourself to make it mandatory.

Bear in mind that the letters you write not only convey your interest and qualifications, but also give the employer an opportunity to observe your attentiveness to detail, spelling, grammar and the overall quality of your written communication.


Create a sample resume for the career that you are trying to get after college. You may add fictional elements to your work history. Please note that there are many different formats and suggestions for how resumes are written. However, be sure to include the following. (The examples below also have this).

  • Career Objective
  • Skills and Abilities
  • Education
  • Certifications (if required for your job)
  • Employment History
  • References

If you kept your Career Cruising login information like I asked, you can use that website to create the resume for you. Otherwise, you'll have to type it on your own. I recommend using Microsoft Word for this, as they usually have templates made for you (Create a New Document, Search "Resume" in the top right or click Resume on the Left, then click "Simple Resume").

See below if you need help setting up the template in word: (Use the arrows on the picture to navigate the two)

College Advertisement

Create a short advertisement for the college of your choice. Your video must be 30 seconds in length and positively advertise your university. Please use Animoto for this section of your project.

Sample of a Completed Project

Need an example of a completed project? You can find one in the link below.



A: Can't help you there sorry. Try the "lost my password" link if they have one, but I have no access to your account at all. Write down your passwords, or use a note app on your phone if you feel you are going to forget.

Q: My image won't upload! It says, "Unsupported file type".

A: TACKK doesn't support bmp file types from what I have seen. It does support, gif, jpg, and png filetypes which are fairly common. Whenever you create your image and get an option to save it, make sure that it has gif / jpg / png as its extension. In other words:

Ex: Nameofmyfile.jpg


Simply writing "gif" or "jpg" at the end won't do anything. Usually there is a little drop bar that lets you choose a filetype. Canva defaults to png. If you're technically savvy, you can just use pixlr to open the file, and just save it as something else that TACKK supports.

Q: Do we have to use TACKK? Can't I just write it on paper?!

A: 1) Yes.

2) No. This whole project has been digitized to encourage collaboration. Like it or not, technology is the future.

Q: How did you make those blue bars to separate everything on this TACKK? I don't like the solid white going across all of the pages.

A: Using firefox I downloaded a plugin called. MeasureIt. Get it here.


This only works for firefox. It lets you measure the amount of pixels you will need for your image.

First I measured the space I wanted to cover, and how tall, etc.

Then I went to www.canva.com

I selected: "Use custom dimensions".

I put in the sizes I needed (x,y)

Made a solid colored object (Or you could make a pattern, a picture, anything really).

At every break on TACKK I just put an image. It makes everything look nice and neat.

Q: How do I get my grade?

A: Email your completed TACKK url to me. You can also use a custom name assuming its not already taken to make it easy to remember.

My email is: agoule01@sisd.net

Q: When is this due?

A: Tuesday, May 26th.