Collin's Birthday

Friday, March 15
7:30 pm

So, Collin is really into this birthday party, so I figured we should make an official invite :)

The plan is.... Fun N Stuff in Macedonia at 7-7:30ish for Laser Tag, Roller Skating, whatever floats your boat :)  It's $6.00 per activity.  Afterwards we're thinking we'll head to the Winking Lizard, Dos Caronas for some Mexican, or Mavis Winkle's down the street in Twinsburg.  Other options are welcome! Whatever everyone wants to do!  

Just comment below, or text Kaitlin or Collin if you plan on coming.   

Please no gifts! Just bring your presence (pun intended...)

*Hodges Family: Caleb is more than welcome as well!  All the restaurants have kid-friendly options and aren't exclusively "bar" environments, so that shouldn't be an issue!

& per Collin's request...

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