Engaging Learners with Plickers

Plickers allows you to use mobile devices to create more engaging learning opportunites.

What is Plickers?

Plickers is a wonderful tool that allows teachers to collect formative assessment data in real-time to determine student understanding of key concepts and skills being taught.

How is this tool used?

Plickers can be accessed via webpage or mobile app.  To initially set-up this wonderful tool, you might find it easier to use a desktop or laptop computer.  Once you have created a free account, added students to your class roster and added assessment questions the fun begins....Using either an iOS or Android device, you will need to install the free Plickers app to your phone or tablet.  The good part is you, the teacher, are the only one who will be required to add this app to your phone.  Once the app has been installed to your phone, it will be used as a scanner for recording student answers during the assessment.

How do I record student answers?

On the Plickers website, you will assign card numbers to each student on your class roster.  One easy way to assign student numbers is by alphabetical order.  After this step, you will print off the available cards from the website.  Cardstock is the best option for printing student cards.  Another helpful tip is to laminate each card after it has been printed.  This will allow you to reuse the cards year after year.  Once your cards are ready, you will hand each student the card number that was assigned to their name in your class roster.  The student will use this same card for the remainder of the year.  You will notice that each student card contains a number and the letters A, B, C, and D.  The letters represent the answer choices for a multiple choice question.  Students will need to hold their cards so that their letter choice is located at the top of the card before it is scanned and their answer is recorded.

Watch this quick video to learn more!

Helpful Tips

1.  Collect student cards after each use and store them in a folder.  This will ensure that students do not lose or destroy their Plickers cards.  

2.  Use Plickers for assessment reviews, knowledge checks, quick checks and more.

3.  Demonstrate how to turn student cards so that they display the answer correctly.

4.  Provide an initial practice round to familiarize students with using the cards and how the activity works.


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Created by:  Christi Collins