Project: Can You Survive?

Driving Question: How can we design a sustainable settlement?


8th Grade Social Studies: 8.10B, 8.10C, 8.11A, 8.11C

7th Grade Science: 7.8C, 7.1B

Entry Event

Current Conditions:
We've just arrived in Galveston 1607, now we need to build...

Our Plan for Sustainability

Our Research

#1 - Water

PLAN: Sanitize ground water to become usable

HOW: By filtering the dirty water through sand in order to purify. The high porosity of the sand allows water molecules to continue on while containing the larger contaminants.


RESULTS: We have CLEAN water! Our water can now be used for human consumption and agriculture allowing a group of people to live off the land for an extended period of time.

#2 - Food

PLAN: We are going to plant crops appropriate to Galveston climate. We are going to trade with the Natives in the area for things we do not have or are in short-supply. We are going to use our resources and hunt for local wildlife and fish.

#3 - Shelter

PLAN: Using the local timber and abundance of red clay we are going to build lasting structures to protect us from the environment.

#4 - Safety

PLAN: Our structures will be enclosed in a fort-like fence. Our colony will be surrounded by water and open land. We will also construct a weaponry to safely keep our munitions.

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