Best Color Coded Chopping Boards - Cutting Board Reviews

Using color coded chopping boards to prepare food in the kitchen is a brilliant idea.  Using specific boards for specific foods will help prevent cross contamination of foods.

You do NOT want your raw chicken touching any of your other foods - ever!

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Plastic Color Coded Cutting Boards

There are the cheap plastic color coded cutting boards that will do the trick.  They are not as durable and long lasting as the top brands, but do what fits your budget.

Bamboo Cutting Board with Color Coded Plastic Inserts

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This bamboo cutting board with the color coded plastic inserts is a great idea for a few reasons:

1.  The color coded chopping boards are stored inside the bamboo board - you keep your counter looking good with the bamboo board.

2.  Use the colored plastic insert depending on what food you are preparing.  Lift off the bamboo for easy washing.

3.  Price - more expensive than the cheap ones, but way better looking.  Yet is less expensive than the thicker plastic cutting boards.

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The Famous Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set

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The Joseph Joseph Index Cutting Board is the most expensive, yet the most popular of the color coded cutting boards.  Highest quality and long lasting.  Great gift for yourself or as a gift.

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