Sponsored By Swiss Point PTSO


For you! All Swiss Point students and their families are welcome to come.


You have been invited to a magical and wonderous event, the likes of which you have never seen! You and your family start the race in a plain white T-Shirt, and walk (or run) around the track. There's no set distance, so you can keep going as long as you please. By the time it's over, you'll be covered in an explosion of color, and you won't want to leave!

When & Where?

Friday, May 1st, and right here at Switzerland Point Middle School!

Details, Please!

No problem! Getting in is just $20 for you only, or $15 per person if you've had the common sense to bring your family along. Plain white T-Shirts will be provided when you arrive, but they won't be plain for long! And if you don't feel like running, feel free to get wild at our bounce houses, or grab a tasty snack at the Food Truck.

Register By April 17th!