Running With The Law

A nice little 5k through the streets of downtown Columbus with the recruits of the Columbus Police Academy

This run was held  February 28. Before the run, Columbus Police Academy Commander Lt. Ty Brust and Sgt. Ted Reardon gave the recruits instructions. Basically, they were told to run hard, repeat the cadence chants loudly, and not to fall out of formation. Or else.

Part of the reason they yell out cadence while running is because police officers need to be able to run and speak clearly during a foot-chase, whether they're giving commands to a suspect or calling for assistance over the radio.

Motorcycles and squad cars escorted the recruits through downtown Columbus.

The recruits stayed in formation while their instructors ran alongside and called out left-right-left cadence. Every three minutes a recruit in the back would run to the front to be the standard bearer.

I couldn't take pictures of the actual run because I was running with them. The route ran on Columbus' main thoroughfares, including High St., Broad St. Front. St. and State St. The cadence calls echoed loudly off the skyscrapers. People in the office buildings came to the windows to see what all the noise was about and waved at the recruits. Lots of people cheered as the formation passed by.

After the run the recruits formed up for a class picture in front of the Columbus Police memorial for fallen officers. They got a little lecture about how their training and fitness can mean the difference between life and death. They train outdoors in all weather conditions because they will work outdoors in the same.

Lt. Brust and I inspected the class formation before the photo. We approved.

Good job recruits. Just five more months of training and hundreds of miles to go.