Comic Strips

Content Objective: I will apply conversation and language structures to create dialogue using new vocabulary words.

Learning Objective: I will express my learning with pictures and words using given comic strip resources and applying sentence stems which include the highlighted words from a news article.

Autobiography Comic Strip

Summarize the most important events of your life using the comic strip website Make Beliefs Comix. Be sure to use meaningful transitional words such as, but not limited to, suddenly, later,  and eventually  When you are done, email the comic strip to yourself and to  Your comic strip will be posted on Symbaloo.

Your students can describe the most important events in the life of the person they are studying, in the period of time they are studying, or in the life of organisms they are studying.



Read the article about the animation in the film, "Big Hero 6." Choose 3 of the highlighted vocabulary words to create a comic strip using the website Funny Times.  Please be creative while maintaining the true definition of each word.

In one of your frames, use the sentence stem: "The <insert vocab> are <insert adjective> because..."

When you are done, publish the comic strip and check NO for the online gallery.  Copy and paste the link provided in an email to so that your comic strip will appear on the Symbaloo.

Your students may work with a partner they are paired with using the partner cards provided.  You can highlight text and send students the special link using Diigo.


Theme for the day

Reflect on your day.  Choose one of the following topics to create a comic strip using Comic Creator.
     1.  summarize the unit
     2.  describe one concept you understood
     3.  express how the lesson made you feel
    4.  provide a photo for a quick writing prompt

When you are done, click FINISH and PRINT the comic.  Scan the comic and email it to Vi Nguyen on the copy machine (Book Me if you need a quick lesson on how to scan and send). Your comic strip will appear on the Symbaloo.

You can have the students cut the frames out and staple the left edge to create a mini book. I experienced issues with the CAPTION box.  It displays text where I didn't intend, so I suggest using the caption box for the first frame to introduce and for the last frame to conclude.  When you print it to be stapled in a book, white out the frames in the middle.