Comment Commander Pro Review and our Exclusive $10k worth Comment Commander Pro Bonus.

Comment Commander Pro is the powerful software from the marketers/programmers David And Gavin.

Read Our Honest Comment Commander Pro Review Here.

Comment Commander Pro Review and our Exclusive $10k worth Comment Commander Pro Bonus.

Comment Commander Pro is the powerful software from the marketers/programmers David And Gavin.

In this special post, we are doing an exclusive Comment Commander Pro Review and also giving away $10k worth Comment Commander Pro Bonus to all those who buy Comment Commander Pro from our link given below.

Comment Commander Pro is a push button software which will identify tons of high “PR” Authority do follow blog posts at the click of a button. We can comment easily on these identified high “PR” Authority blog posts to get “real” SEO rankings. In addition to the SEO rankings, you will literally be getting millions of visitors from these blog posts to your website.

Comment Commander Pro comes with the ability to identify high PR from trusted TLDs like “.edu” and “.gov” too which will give your site a big boost in SEO rankings in no time.

Comment Commander Pro’s ability to export all the commented URLs to for rapid indexing is a very useful feature. It is a known fact that URLs pinged by gets indexed on search engines at a rate 94% better than any other pinger or software out there.

Comment Commander Pro also checks that comment made by you has been approved or not automatically, so that there is no need for you to verify this manually by visiting the website.

Comment Commander Pro’s ability to get you guest blogging opportunities is very powerful that your inbox will be filled with authority blog owner’s mails asking you to do a guest blog post on their authority sites in no time.

Also the ability to sort the results based on Domain PR, Page PR and Published Date of Comment Commander Pro helps you identify the hot off-the-press relevant high-authority blog posts which will help you get real SEO benefits and niche specific social signals which google loves.

Ability to add new URLs and save the URLs in the software are the other features of Comment Commander Pro Software which will come in very handy.

Other features of Comment Commander Pro which makes it even more powerful are:

1.  Finds up to 100 blogs per search type that allows comments.

2.  Comes with 5 different search types that will help you diversify your link profile to make it look more and more natural in the eyes of google.

3.  Finds powerful .gov and .edu blog posts which will get you the authority you need to crush your competitors.

4.  Save all the URLs in a built in database.

5.  Add your own URLs to the database with just click of a button.

6.  Check for approved comments easily and save them to a CSV file.

7.  Export to for super-fast indexing of all your backlinks is a very big advantage.

8.  Find niche related relevant guest blogging opportunities which will make your site get millions of visitors from Authority sites in your niche.

Our Comment Commander Pro Review after using Comment Commander Pro Software for doing SEO on our websites.

We have approached David asking for a Comment Commander Pro Review Copy so that we can do an honest Comment Commander Pro Software Review. He is generous enough to provide us with a Comment Commander Pro Review Copy to do link building on one of our websites.

We have used Comment Commander Pro on our websites and here is our honest Comment Commander Pro Review.

1.  First website on which we are using Comment Commander Pro is a new website with no SEO done on it. This website is targeting a medium competition keyword as its primary keyword with over a million webpages for “allintitle” search. It is also targeting two more keywords which are also medium competition keywords. Now before using Comment Commander Pro, our website was nowhere to be found in the top 500 search results. After using Comment Commander Pro to do commenting on some .gov and .edu websites, we have started seeing some improvements in ranking. Our website was found in the top 100 results the very next day. Now even though we were not ranking in the page #1, we got over 2583+ visitors the very next day from the comments we made. The most interesting aspect about these visitors is that they are all laser targeted and more than 5% of them bought one of the products we are promoting. In just 3 days, our page was ranking on Page 1 for all the 3 keywords and in a week, we made it to the top spot. It’s been a month that we have done SEO on this website but it still is ranking #1 for all the 3 keywords and is getting a good number of visitors from the comments we made.

2.  The second part of our Comment Commander Pro Review has been done on a website which was 3 months old and is ranking on 102 position for our main keyword. We did a comment blast using comment commander pro for this website and this website has made it to #1 in just 3 days of time. Now the interesting part is that I am getting over 20 mails each and every day from different website owners asking me to do a guest post on their websites.

3.  Also the 3rd website which was one of the websites I stopped working on long back has also made it to the #1 position within 3 days of time.

Now we can confidently say that Comment Commander Pro works irrespective of your site age. As long as you have 30 minutes of time to work on a website, you should be getting good rankings in google and other search engines with the least amount of work. Also the kind of visitors you get from using Comment Commander Pro are laser targeted and makes you sales and commissions and leads forever.

So, to conclude our Comment Commander Pro Review, we’d like to say that Comment Commander Pro is one of those software which delivers on its promises of getting you top google rankings in no time and is far better than Scrapebox which costs at $57, SeNuke which costs $147 per month and XRumer which costs more than $500, as they are just spam tools and google caught on to them long back. With just an investment of $17, if you can make your websites get top rankings and tons of laser targeted visitors from authority sites, what else you need? :)

Also to sweeten up the deal, we have included our Exclusive $10k worth Comment Commander Pro Bonus for all those who buy Comment Commander Pro from our link given below.

The list of bonuses that are provided as a part of Comment Commander Pro Bonus are:

1. Private Not-on-sale software which generates social signals from 15 of social signals exchange sites : $497

2. Our own Pinterest based script which generates real niche specific followers to your account on auto-pilot : $697

3. Twitter script which generates real niche specific followers : $697

4. Facebook script which generates real niche specific fans: $697

5. Youtube script which generates real views from real people: $697

6. Social Bookmarking script which will bookmark all the provided urls without any effort from you: $697

7. Exclusive invite to our private facebook group and skype group where more than 1500 marketers gives away their product review copies, recruit affiliates, does joint ventures, give-away tips, answers questions and provides free one-on-one coaching. : More than $5000.

8. Massive traffic mega pack including +1 traffic wave, social media traffic avalanche, wordpress facebook fan pages, Viral Unlimited, WP No Escape, WP List Pro, Sneaky traffic methods, Traffic Super Tips, Traffic GO, List Building Dynamite, Online Profit Streams and Facebook marketing mania. : $147

9. 6 wordpress plugins with master resell rights : $197

10. WP Social Master: $77

11. WordPress Optimization Secrets! : $77

12. WordPress Theme Package : $99

13. Package of plugins including : $190

Social Marketing – Get your message onto the social webs with this plugin for easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

Pay with a Like – Allow visitors to pay for any of your content using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, promoting your site across the social networks… go viral!

Ultimate Facebook – The only Facebook plugin you will ever need: Autopost to your wall or fan page, registration and login, Facebook comments, BuddyPress profiles support and more.

Pop Up! – Allows you to display a fancy popup (powered as a popover!) to visitors sitewide or per blog, a *very* effective way of advertising a mailing list, special offer or running a plain old ad.

Infinite SEO – Every SEO option your WordPress, Multisite or BuddyPress site requires – in one easy bundle.

Ad Widget – This plugin allows you to simply deploy multiple widgets each with different rules for showing ads e.g. one widget can show ads only to IE users and another can show ads only to search visitors

MailChimp Integration – Simply integrate MailChimp with your Multisite (or regular old single user WP) site – automatically add new users to your email lists and import all your existing users

Invite – Allow your users to invite – via email – their friends and colleagues to check out their blog and sign up at your site!

The Google+ Plugin – Complete Google+ integration with your site – pages, +1 buttons, analytics, and more!

Simple Ads – This plugin does the advertising basics – essentially allowing you to simply insert ads before and after post content around your entire site with no option for users to remove them

14. Ultimate Making Money Course : $297

15. Video Traffic GURU: $187.

Get Comment Commander Pro now from our link given below and send a mail to and with your details and we will get back to you with your Comment Commander Pro Bonus.

Thanks for reading our exclusive Comment Commander Pro Review.