Common Grammar Mistakes

Stop Making People Cringe

Your vs You're

If you're saying 'you are' then you need an apostrophe, damnit.


If your shoes are too tight, your feet will hurt.

If you're buying those shoes, you're a trendsetter.

It's vs Its

This one is easy: it you're saying 'it is' then you need an apostrophe.


It's never going to stop snowing.

This winter is having its way with us.

To vs Too vs Two

The basic 'to' is easy, but please don't forget the extra 'o' when you're saying 'also.'


I am going to the movies.

Jasmine is coming to the movies, too.

The two of us will enjoy this movie.

There vs Their vs They're

'Their' always shows possession. 'They're' is the contraction.


We found this dog over there by the fence.

The dog belongs to their neighbors.

They're going to come pick up the dog.

Affect vs Effect

Effect is the noun, affect is the verb!


That nice person had a positive effect on me.

That nice person affected me positively.

Me vs I

This one really bugs me. And most people understand the difference between the two of these ... until they end up writing a sentence with themselves and another group. Try taking the other person out of the sentence.


Incorrect: When you get done with that book, can you give it to Jessie and I?

Correct: When you get down with that book, can you give it to Jessie and me?

i.e. vs e.g.

I struggle to remember this rule, so I thought it deserved a place on this list. "i.e." roughly means "in other words" while "e.g." means "for example."


Bob loves MLB teams (e.g., San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees)

Bob always loved the hitting the ball and running bases (i.e., playing baseball)

Farther vs Further

Farther implies distance. Further relates to abstract lengths you can't measure.


The umpire stood ten feet farther down 1st base.

The umpire caused further anger with his call.

Seen vs Saw

Oh boy, if you're using this one incorrectly, you may have more issues than grammar.


Incorrect: I seen a pretty rainbow yesterday.

Correct: I saw a pretty rainbow yesterday.

Double Negatives

Again, more issues than just grammar are likely...


Incorrect: I don't have no tickets to the concert.

Correct: I don't have any tickets to the concert.