Commonly Asked Questions About Scarves

An Islamic scarf not only gives a modest look, but also enhances the appearance of the wearer. However, many women have several questions in their mind about scarves. Read on to know which color scarf will suit you the best, what hairstyle will be perfect to wear under the scarf and how can you take care of your scarves.

Question 1: What Color Scarf Will Be the Best One for Me?
Earlier, there was an availability of black traditional Islamic scarf for women. However, times have changed now and one can find scarves in almost all colors, patterns and designs. No matter what design and pattern you use; it is extremely important to choose a scarf of the right color. Here is what you can choose:

  • Olive skin tone: Warm colors look good on women having an olive skin tone. Muted pinks, soft reds, lavender, yellows, orange, and earth tones are a perfect choice for olive tones.
  • Light skin tone: Women having a light skin tone are extremely lucky as almost all colors suit this skin tone. Scarves of neutral shades, beige, blacks, pinks are a great choice for women with light skin tone. Also, these women have the benefit of choosing from graphic, floral or abstract, designs.
  • Ebony skin tone: Women having an ebony skin tone can play with colors to get the perfect look. Colors like khaki, light beige and camel tones can complement this skin tone in the best possible manner. Furthermore, a mix of light shades and bold colors can help in getting a stylish look.....

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