A Comparison between Diamond Cluster Rings and the Classic Solitaire

If you have finally decided that she is ‘the one’ and wish to take your relationship to the next level, then what are you waiting for? Sweep her off her feet by selecting from a range of engagement rings; keeping in mind her style, choices and personality. This also requires an extensive research about the various kinds of rings available in the market, before selecting the perfect one.

You have a choice between selecting either a single stone diamond or a diamond cluster ring and mentioned below are the various characteristics of each, so as to help you make a selection.

Diamond cluster rings:

These rings are becoming increasingly popular and as the name suggests, a cluster diamond ring is made up of a collection of smaller sized diamonds. A cluster generally represents good luck and abundance while wearing one creates an illusion of lustre and brilliance.

Generally, the diamonds of a diamond cluster ring are low in terms of the carat weight and quality but you can also opt for a centre-diamond that is larger than the surrounding diamonds. Cluster rings are a great alternative to the traditional diamond solitaire because of their uniqueness and that they are less expensive. You also have an option of selecting the prong setting.

Single stone diamond rings:

A single stone ring, also known as a classic solitaire, is one of the most popular choices for couples who wish to marry or get engaged. As the name suggests, it constitutes of one stone placed in the middle of the ring metal; therefore, besides considering the diamond carat or weight, you should also consider the metal on which the stone is set. You can select from a range of metals such as gold, rose-gold, platinum, palladium and yellow-gold.

Usually, the diamond weight will impact the overall cost of the engagement ring.

Select in accordance to her personality type and preferences:

When it comes to selecting the perfect ring, it solely depends on the tastes and preferences of your beloved. If she prefers simplicity, then you can opt for a single solitaire while if her personality is flamboyant, then do not think twice before selecting a diamond cluster ring.

Note: Remember that the carat weight of the stone or diamond will impact the cost to a great extent; a larger stone will cost you more.