Dream Job

Computer Programming


Degree in Computer Science or...

Bachelors Degree


Starting out: $76,432

High Paid: $123,723


Why am I Interested?

I have always been interested in technology and coding, this job is a perfect job for that interest. Bill Gates started out as a computer programmer and lead to the creation of Microsof processors, technology, AND their Windows programs! Bill Gates makes 1,000 every 3 seconds, leading to him having a salary of 3.71 billion dollars! He makes 114.71 dollars per second, picking up $100 is pointless for him. I want to start my own company that will be the future Windows!


CIT- Calafornia Institute of Technology or CalTech

Positives and Negatives:


1. Best Technology School in the US 2. Opportunities to have a better job and reach the goal of creating a company!


1. Tuition and Overall Costs A LOT 2. Different State, meaning it's going to be hard to take a plane from Texas to Calafornia.

Years Attending

Minimum: 3 Years For A Degree in Computer Science

Maximum: 4 Years for a Bachelor Degree

Both: 7 Years Of College! And a LOT of money to oay


Maximum Tuition Per Year: $55,368

Average Per Year: $26,367

Tuition to Get A Degree

$221,168 Max or $105,468

How do I Plan To Pay?

College Savings Account

Possibly Work-Study Program

Work In High School


Partial Loan

Why did I

I have already started a college savings account so hopefully by the time I get to college I should be able to pay all or most of the tuition and other payments. If not I will DEFINITELY apply for scholarships to get at least some of it paid off, then move into work study plans. Of course I will be working in high school to earn some extra money, I want to get as much money as I can so I don't have a bunch of stress on paying bills!

Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

As most of us know, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are very famous people in the technology world. Steve Jobs made billions of dollars and created parts of Disney and Apple. Bill Gates also making billions, a philanthropist, created Microsoft Systems and Products.


Sources:  CalTech.edu

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