Comunidades 4~5~6

Por: Lidia Flores/ Periodo 4

*Comunidades 6: Película*

For my 6th and final comunidades project, I decided to watch the movie,Bordertown. The story is based upon challenges Lauren ( jennifer Lopez) faces in order to publish a story of a young girl Eva who is a survivor from a mass murderer.

What I Learned

I learned that this story is based upon true events of a real serial killer in Juarez, Mexico who attacks young TV factory women. During this time period, the US and mexico were improving their World Trade Agreement so the US had arranged this factory to produce the US television screens. I learned that these women were earning just 5 dollars a day. The Mexican government at this time did not want a "bad rep" for their country so they wanted to keep these murders quiet so that the US would not back out of the agreement . The main dilemma was that no one would go after the men who have been attacking the women since if it were to go to court the neighboring countries would gain acknowledge of this. I learned that when money is involved people will do immoral things just to maintain wealth even if it meant thousands of people would die

How will I use this in the future

With my knowledge of this movie, I will be more aware of corruption involved in local/federal governments. This story was kept for a long time which ended in a mass body grave made by these men. If there is any controversy that may be brought up in the news, i should look and research more into it instead of believing what social media says. This will be useful in my personal aspect of life in the future because i then have more knowledge than what is just being fed through the TV.

*Comunidades 5: Podcast*

What I Learned

I have learned in this interview of the royal family that overall the royal family has gone through many hardships and change throughout the years. I learned that the Royal family has the same problems many celebrities have in the US. They no longer have a lot of privacy and therefor there are many scandals being reported. Another thing i have learned from this interview is that once the royal family was in power a dictator, Franco, came into power and it wasn't until he became sick did the royal family the ruling of Spain and became back but went through modernization in recent years.

How I will use this in the future

I will take away my knowledge from this experience and apply it to any history class or government class I will take in college. With this, I will already have the background information of this country as well from a primary source. I am also going to be studying international business along with minoring in Spanish so once I study abroad in Spain, I will be more informed with how everything works in Spain.

*Comunidades 4: Restaurant*

For my Comunidades, I went to Café Madrid. Café Madrid is located on Knox and Henderson and offers the best deserts I have ever had.

WHat I Learned

I learned that Spanish based restaurants are not like 'tex-mex' restaurants and do not have the same type of meals. I was expecting to go in and know what I would order but there were so many new terms and foods on the menu. Spanish restaurants are completely different from Mexican restaurants and I will most definitely return for the different atmosphere and the food. I also took away from this, the different way the people acted. More than likely, people from Spain are from the upper class and will behave in that way also.

How I will use this in the future

I will take this experience with me into the future by having an open mind and not being narrow-minded and expect different types of culture instead of stereotyping it. This different culture of food will broaden my pallet as well for a variety of different tastes and textures.

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