Concrete Trucks: Think Safe, Be safe

A concrete truck is a powerful machine that is designed to deliver ready-to-use concrete. Unlike traditional concrete-making machines, concrete trucks are far more sophisticated. No need to transport the concrete-mixing machine yourself, when you have the powerful concrete truck. It's the ability to move from one site to another, that makes this concrete truck so popular.

Concrete trucks are not a cheap investment, but definitely worth the money you pay. You will certainly increase your business productivity and profit. But, in order to keep the concrete truck running for years, you must follow some of safety tips mentioned below. You should never take risks with your investment. You need to be extremely careful when operating a concrete truck, especially since they are said to be responsible for a great number of accidents. Here's what you need to know before you begin your search for concrete trucks for sale.

  • Check the site for potential hazards before any concrete is poured. You must have clear vision when pouring concrete;
  • You should never ever empty the pump with bare hands, while the motor is on. Sometimes you could accidentally press the button and turn the machine on. Imagine what can happen in that moment? That kind of mistake can lead to accidental amputations or loss of life;
  • If you want to prolong the life span of your machine, then it is of crucial importance to take the concrete truck for a routine maintenance and service according to owner's manual;
  • Get to know your concrete truck, before you start to use it. Doing the opposite can put your life in danger;
  • Turn the motor off whenever you are done using the concrete truck. Don't forget to remove the keys. Don't even think of placing your hand near the moving parts until you have ensured that all pressures have come to zero;
  • If you want to prolong the life span of your investment, then make sure you change hydraulic oils, fluid oils, filters and other essential fluids on a daily basis. Along with that, you need to check and replace hoses, filters, fittings, nut bolts and other important parts as frequent as you can. That will save you a lot of money and prevent unwanted injuries;
  • Hoses can get clogged over time. You need to be aware of the fact that damaged hoses can cause burns or even death if not replaced on time. To avoid that, you must regularly check hoses, clamps, elbows and reducers, and if needed get them replaced on time.