Connexions Data Inc

ERP Consultant Connexions Data, Inc., Specializes in SAP Software

Founded in 1999, Connexions Data, Inc., has established itself as a prominent IT consulting and enterprise resource planning firm with a global presence. Utilizing popular ERP platforms such as SAP and Oracle, Connexions Data, Inc., strives to transform business objectives into operational realities quickly and cost-effectively.

Connexions Data, Inc., has partnered with several Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies to support their technological infrastructure and provide in-depth industry insight on issues related to SAP implementation and integration. As a full-service ERP consultant specializing in SAP and Oracle software, the firm provides businesses with turnkey solutions in the areas of enterprise accounting, human resources, procurement and production planning, project management, and other necessary services. Senior consultant advisors work with each client company to assess its unique software and hardware needs and provide economical solutions.

In addition to its core areas of expertise in ERP system implementations and enhancements, the firm provides a full range of staffing support and cloud management services.