Mountain Sports Industry

The outdoor recreation industry has taken off from its earlier days when explorers set new heights for the term expeditions. Many great discoveries have come along the way through expeditions in various regions of the world. A great example would be the expeditions into areas like the Himalayas, the Swiss Alps and the jungles of Borneo. Many successful accomplishments have led to bringing a nucleus of tourist attractions with a twist of excitement and adventure. Here in North America, vast scenery is always available through some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes available for anyone interested in exploring the mountains and vast landscapes in the region. There is much that can be said about its potentiality is a business as well. The United States has a great opportunity to benefit from the industry of mountaineering and mountain sports. It does bring close to 6.1 million jobs from coast-to-coast. This helps generate over $600 billion a year and spending and almost $80 billion a year in tax revenue for federal and local tax.

The mountain sports industry rings a massive interest from many manufacturers and sales entities. The great majority are companies based out of the U.S. The market itself brings a great opportunity to bring many entrepreneurs with open arms. Connor Baldwin has taken a great deal of time and effort to bring mountain sports into his professional portfolio.

Connor Baldwin has gone to great lengths by offering travel services and purchases of outdoorsman equipment. This is an interest that was sparked during a kayaking trip that became a reality for him and his family to enjoy.

Connor Baldwin

Enjoying slopes

Skiing is a pastime that has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It has its various purposes for many it is a great sport. For others, it is considered a means of transportation whether using skis or other modes of transportation in the snow such as sledding. Since there are various forms of skiing some would think that it would just be the same equipment. This is a major misconception because there are various types of skiing equipment that one need to understand should be utilized under certain conditions. To make a more understandable form of house skiing in the principles behind it anyone who wishes to participate in skiing needs to understand that there is a risk involved. There needs to be a base from which a skier needs to develop their skills. There are common errors that are done along the way, and it is nothing to be ashamed of when starting up skiing. What's more shameful is being able to make all the wrong decisions while skiing in getting yourself hurt. There are some intricate details that need to be taken into consideration such as the geographical surroundings a good example would be a downhill slope or small continuous hills. A great deal of consideration must be taken into the way skier uses their balance while in motion. Connor Baldwin is an expert skier and also gives the opportunity for many to enjoy many exciting mountain sports such as skiing through his business.

Connor Baldwin

Responsibilities of a Media Agent

Takes a great deal of confidence and knowledge to give the best possible services as a media agent in today's market. There is a great deal of programs across the countries that offer their services for media relations and PR agent services. Often there are services that have gone extremely well for the many that have needed assistance in the eye of the public. On the other hand, there have been some issues in regards to services that did not bring any good fortune to those needing it. For example, it takes a punctual and committed media agent to go through and make sure that the high points are acknowledged for their clients and some companies seem to fail at doing so. Many of these companies were startups or companies that did not have sufficiently trained agents. A good agent will always take all the necessary forms of media with all its edges to reach out. In the beginnings, there were paper sick relations and tabloids such as magazines and newspapers. But with today's modern era of media relations you have the opportunity to reach out to the masses by television and radio. It wasn't until the Internet news pages becoming a modern form of media relations that the business known as PR agencies and media relations soared to higher peaks. Connor Baldwin has made himself a very well trusted media relations and PR agent and earned his business management degree at Seneca College as well as a public relations corporate communications graduate certificate making him extremely adaptable and reliable.

Connor Baldwin

Family Time is the Best Time

Busy professionals might find a bit of a challenge in balancing their personal time with their families along with their professional careers. It is an ideal situation that is elusive to many, but one thing that is undoubtedly true is the ability to make choices that will allow individual to stay connected to their community, family and work situations at the same time. One of the unfortunate narratives when it comes to balancing family time against work time is that of what some people consider to be a good provider.

For these people in this position, they have reconciled their uneven work situation which is kept in the balance of career concerns versus time spent with their children. There is some justification in this, especially among those that grew up in a financially challenged environment themselves as they feel that the ability to enjoy certain finer things in life and in some cases a constant roof over their heads is worth the time spent focused on a career.

One key to this puzzle is to begin with a definition of what success in a career looks like to the individual. This requires some definition and evaluation of commitment going into a new job, a work evaluation or a new project. There are many ways to balance things out and in most cases all it takes is a simple prioritization of work principles to get a good picture of what it will take to balance out the priorities in life with those of the career. Is a task that can be truly challenging and for Connor Baldwin, it was never a question for him to consider that his family was as important as his career. He has always balanced both of these throughout his life.

In the World of Media Agencies

The world of media agencies is filled with a constant flow of information that is put out by individual clients that wish to launch new products, drive sales, change brand perceptions and so on working from briefs that they receive from their clients, agencies that are focused on media will put out products that satisfy what each client is looking for. A media agency is tightly connected to the audience that they seek to get messages out to. They have a deep understanding through a variety of channels, of how to reach and influence the audience in mind. The understanding of consumers is a critical part of this formula.

With a deep understanding of how consumers think and act, the best agencies are curious and engage about the lives of their target market. Everything from the marketplace, the consumer, and the brand and communication landscape become part of this formula. To gain proper insight to that market, an agency will utilize a variety of techniques of research methodologies which are qualitative and quantitative. This may include studies, surveys, data analysis and other techniques. Some agencies will actually put strategists and planners out into the field with real companies and individuals to understand what makes them listen and buy. This is an exciting area of business that can make the difference between companies that get their message out quickly and effectively versus those who stagnate in a quickly changing and evolving audience. As a media agent that is experienced at public relations and trusted media relations, Connor Baldwin has leveraged his years of experience and his business management educational background throughout his career. He enjoys working in the field as a respected media agent.

Connor Baldwin

The Joy of the Trail

There are many great outdoor activities for people to enjoy, and one of the most popular communities out there is that of mountain biking. One thing that people love about non-biking is the aspect of getting out to the wilderness and having a pleasurable experience. There are those that argue that mountain biking takes more physical and mental effort can road biking. It takes a lot of concentration to write out on the trail and a tremendous amount of balance to navigate some of the most difficult trails that are out there. When you compare it to road biking, mountain biking has a lot of advantages. The air up and out among the trails is very clean for one, and you are not sharing the road with vehicles that are spewing fumes. There is also the aspect of not having to share the road with vehicles when compared to road biking.

We have all passed bikers on the side of the road as we travel somewhere and if you put yourself in the position of the biker who has experienced tons of steel hurtling down the road at freeway speeds just inches away from their handlebars, then this advantage becomes pretty obvious. Non-biking also offers quite a bit of solitude and peacefulness. The trails lead to remote and peaceful places where one can commune with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Connor Baldwin is a mountain bike rider that has written a long some of the best courses that cover the entire Pacific Northwest. He enjoys this style of bicycling for a number of reasons, but he particularly enjoys the aspects of nature that are accessible to him.

Connor Baldwin

A lifetime of discovery

The human experience is one that is filled with moments of discovery and wonder. With any luck, one can enjoy an existence of continued discovery and amazement through a variety of activities. It is natural for people to experience wonder through their personal sense of being, but this can be enhanced through the engagement of certain activities that challenge the individual in a number of ways. We all have an interaction with the world around us that is visual, auditory, olfactory and more. These senses allow us to seek those things which we will gain from. Activity is one way in which many individuals choose to enhance their experiences.

When it comes to the experience of the mountains, this is one of the most popular areas in which activities become the focus for people to get in touch with their own path of discoveries. The mountains offer a serene experience of natural grandeur and healthy living. Activities that are done in the mountains include mountain biking, skiing, fishing and the list continues from there. Each of these activities offers some type of intrinsic challenge and physical challenge that is the foundation of discovery. From the inner discovery that is achieved when one hits a certain athletic mark to the actual discovery of new adventures to go on including taking on new sports, the benefits are clear. The key to it all is finding those things which delight the senses and King in on those elements of discovery that the individual is looking for. Connor Baldwin is an aficionado of mountain sports and he has spent a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest and its beautiful mountain range seeking his own lifetime of discovery.

Connor Baldwin

Top 3 Places to Ski in Vancouver, BC

1. Whistler-Blackcomb – Originally conceived as part of a plan to win the 1968 Winter Olympics bid, this resort is one of the largest and most popular in North America. With over 200 runs spanning all difficulties, it offers all skiers a chance to test their various skill levels. In 2010, the resort succeeded in winning its Winter Olympics bid, forever solidifying its reputation as an elite resort. Definitely the crowning jewel of the skiing world, Whistler-Blackcomb boasts over 2 million visitors a year.

2. Cypress Mountain – Another prestigious Vancouver resort, Cypress Mountain covers 600 acres and contains 53 runs of varying difficulty. Known for its black diamond runs, interesting terrain, and half-pipes, this resort is a coveted destination for hardcore skiers and snowboarders. Home to the 2010 Olympics Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding events, Cypress Hill is a must-see for skiers and snowboarders in Vancouver.

3. Grouse Mountain – Definitely the easiest to get to out of all Vancouver’s ski resorts, Grouse Mountain can be accessed via a high-speed cable car that connects suburban North Vancouver to the main Chalet in less than five minutes. Considered the most touristy of all Vancouver’s resorts, Grouse Mountain hosts a variety of attractions from fine dining, a high definition movie theater, an outdoor ice-skating rink, a zip-line, and a wind turbine. If you're not up for battling the crowds, this is one to skip, but for those looking for a variety of activities, Grouse Mountain can't be beaten.

Connor Baldwin is an avid skier in the Vancouver, BC area. He loves to find new terrain and discover places that he has never seen before.

Connor Baldwin

Importance    of    Balancing Family  and  Work

In today's working world, it can be easy to devote an obscene amount of time to your job. The temptation is always there to give all you have to your career to prove your dedication the people and the organization you work for. This can be especially difficult for workers who have families, as getting away from the workplace for quality family time can take away from your perceived dedication to your job. In a market where late nights, long hours, and overtime are coming to be expected, it is more important than ever to set boundaries so your family life does not suffer.

Long hours and overtime may become inevitable at a certain level in a company. Sometimes things go wrong and it becomes your responsibility to stay until the job is finished. One important way to counter this necessity is to set clear expectations to your superiors as to what constitutes a real emergency. Is the task at hand something that your subordinates can handle on their own? If so, then the best course of action is to stick to your schedule and put trust in your employees’ ability to handle things.

Another consideration is whether the problems that you’re expected to handle can wait until the next workday. Of course, bosses may want to handle issues as soon as they come up, but if the crisis will not cause the company to fail tomorrow, then it probably can wait. Setting these kinds of boundaries will ensure that work does not encroach on time that should be reserved for your loved ones. Without those relationships and supports, ultimately it is your health and performance at work that will suffer.

Connor Baldwin is a husband and father who works in public relations for a mountain sports company. He understands the importance of putting family first in his life.

Connor Baldwin

Art as Meditation and Therapy

In today's world, we all have the potential to become artists. A wide array of tools and medias exists to capture the expression of anyone regardless of training. More and more these expressive medias are being touted as a means of sharpening the mind and alleviating symptoms of disorders from social anxiety and depression to autism. Even in the business world, art is being marketed as a means of boosting creativity and productivity.

Some believe in the potential of creative expression to create a meditative state. Meditation has been shown to help people deal with difficult emotions and disorders. Does this new preponderance of art as therapy programs stack up to tested methods? More research needs to be done, but there have been promising studies in the advancement of this field.

Studies have shown many psychosocial benefits to art therapy. In cancer patients who practice art therapy, there was a marked increase in reported quality of life and body image and a decrease in stress and pain. In asthma patients, reports indicated that art therapy reduced anxiety and strengthened self-concept. Perhaps most promisingly, art therapy seemed to stimulate cognitive function in adult patients suffering from dementia.

So, while the physical benefits of this form of therapy have yet to be shown, there is plenty of research pointing to the psychological benefits of this practice. For many, the improved quality of life can improve outcomes for patients who had all but given up hope.

Connor Baldwin is an art enthusiast living in Vancouver, BC. He believed in the healing power of art for those suffering from sickness and mental health issues.

Connor Baldwin

Best Places to Kayak in Vancouver, BC

Kayaking is a very popular pastime in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest. Many people kayak year-round, but most kayaking tends to occur in late spring and summer. Kayaking is a great way to explore the beauty of the nature surrounding Vancouver. Without further ado, here are some of the best places to kayak around Vancouver, BC.

  • False Creek Inlet – set in the heart of downtown Vancouver, kayaking this inlet is a great way to explore many areas of the metro area. Just a few of the sights you might encounter on this adventure are the Yaletown waterfront, some of Vancouver’s many marinas, and Science World.
  • Jericho Beach – this spot in one of the best places to try your hand at ocean kayaking. You will spy amazing views Vancouver’s north shore mountain ranges and catch glimpses of the downtown skyline. You can also watch the sunset fill the horizon from this beautiful location.
  • Deep Cove – named one of Vancouver’s Top 10 Attractions by About Travel, this cove is located at the foot of Mount Seymour. From here you can see forests, mountains, and the lovely little town surrounding this historic native clamming and fishing area. Deep Cove is the perfect kayaking location for beginners and nature enthusiasts.

With these suggestions, you are ready to start an adventure of exploration through the unique landmarks of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Connor Baldwin is a nature enthusiast and avid hiker and kayaker. He loves to explore the land around his hometown of Vancouver with his wife and two children.

Connor Baldwin

Connor Baldwin - How to Become a Better Lacrosse Player

Connor Baldwin has played lacrosse for a number of years and has volunteered his services as both a coach and counselor in the sport on a number of occasions. Those who are looking to develop their talents would do well to seek out instruction from people like Baldwin, but there are also a number of things they can do to improve in their own time.

Learn the Game

A general familiarity with lacrosse and its rules is all you need to start playing, but if you want to become the best player you can be you will need to spend time learning about the intricacies of the game. Find a detailed rulebook so you can learn exactly what you can and can’t do during games. You should also watch as many matches as possible, paying particularly attention to player technique and team tactics.

Have the Right Attitude

Even the best players can still learn more, so make sure you approach training and games with the right attitude. While you may be the star player on your team, it is also important to recognize the contributions that each member of the collective makes to your success. Respect the game and your fellow players.

Don’t Take Things Personally

As with any sport, it is possible for things to get a little heated during matches. Lacrosse coaches, like Connor Baldwin, will regularly tell their players to push any insults or slurs they experience during matches to the backs of their minds, as dwelling on them leads to poor decisions being made.

Connor Baldwin