Blue Ridge
Your Home Away From Home

Blue Ridge beholds the Appalachian mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The tallest mountain in Georgia is also held here and it goes by the name Brasstown Bald. Most of the region is mountainous and has a lot of waterfalls that form into creeks and rivers. It stays cool because it is in the northern part of the state but it can warm up time to time.

Blue Ridge is home to Georgia's largest mountains, so it's great for mining. It was home to Georgia's first gold rush in Dahlonega. Mining isn't the primary industry anymore because of tourism, but it still plays a big role in the production of the region.

Blue Ridge doesn't have a high  population, but its great for tourism. There are many activities to participate in such as fishing , kayaking , biking , hiking , swimming , zip-lining , and much more! There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained and all away from the crowds of people too!

The two main industries for the Blue Ridge are mining and Tourism but there are many other business opportunities.  You could open up a power company or work in the law enforcement. If you wanted to be most successful, you would most likely need to work as a miner or build a tourist attraction/work for one.

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Very good. What kind of business would you open?