Library Happenings

Emmett J. Conrad High School
Summer School 2015
June 29 - July 2

Ms. Iden teaching a class how to use the OPAC and databases to locate resources for research topics.
LGBTQ Book Display
Overdrive eBook Display
Printz Award Honors & Winners Book Display
Students selecting their FREE BOOKS!
Students selecting their FREE BOOKS!
Ms. Iden in the cafeteria with the Mobile Library!
Last week, the male student in the black shirt said he would ONLY read a book about the Dallas Cowboys. So this week, I came prepared...
SOLD! To the guy in the black shirt.
Reading an ocean-themed book to a group of students who are attending ESY
Comprehension questions about the story
More comprehension questions!
We followed a recipe to make "Ocean Water" - it was a hit!