Construction Product Innovation

Some critics are showing disappointment but their pride will never let them admit that there are no complaints on how the construction industry has boomed over the years. With new products being manufactured almost every month from various capital equipment companies, there will be no lack of special tools to use for your specific construction needs.

Axis Capital Group, a company which sells and rents high-quality construction equipment in Singapore and has now expanded to Jakarta, Indonesia to cater a wider scope of clients all over Asia makes sure to provide the latest in the market and has been updated by various wide ranges of big brands in the industry.

To keep tabs of what’s new in the market, representatives from Axis visited Intermat 2015 in Paris, an annual exhibition of anything new in the world of construction and industrialization. In reviews, here are some of the novelties that were displayed:

1. Hitachi

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) presented the first model of its Zaxis-6 medium excavator range, namely the ZX300LC-6. This model is said to be released to Asia soon, thus, warning its competitors to gear up soon.

The 6-series Zaxis machines incorporate new TRIAS II technology to meet EU Stage IV emission regulations. Hydraulic loss is decreased by reducing the amount of hydraulic oil returned to the tank due to cooperative control of the pump and valve.

A selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system injects a urea solution into the exhaust gas to reduce nitrous oxide from the emissions. An after-treatment device – integrated with diesel oxidation catalyst, urea water mixing pipe, SCR catalyst and silencer – has also been incorporated.

2. Terex

Machinery on the Terex booth included the new Genie GTH-4018 telehandler with 4 tonnes capacity and 18 meters lift height. Sister company Terex Cranes showcased the new load moment system (LMS) on its Explorer 5600 all terrain crane.

Load charts are calculated for every boom position, subject to slewing angle of the superstructure, which may increase capacities up to more than 200% when operating over the outriggers, Terex says. The operator can position outriggers independently and asymmetrically and the LMS works everything out.

3. Goodyear

Goodyear, meanwhile, used Intermat to introduce its own new offering for wheeld loaders, namely the RT-5D. The Goodyear RT-5D is a level 250 (L5) traction tyre for severe conditions such as quarries and mines. The Hi-Stability carcass technology combines reinforcements in the bead area, on the carcass breakers and at the ply turn-up, giving greater protection for the sidewalls and less deflection. The RT-5D can carry up to 25% more load per cycle compared to a non-Hi-Stability carcass, Goodyear says.

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