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We specialize in Computer, Human, and Systems Symbiosis... making all of the parts work together simply and smoothly for the benefit of all the parts!

Which Hat Do You Need?

CONSULTANT - One Who Wears Many Hats!

Peter and the 42 Hats

CONSULTANT - One Who Wears Many Hats!

"Consultant" is a catch-all term that could mean anything and most people are quick to ask "So what exactly do you do?" However, more than 60 years of consulting does not make for a simple answer! Frankly It could be said that "consultant" is a merely a polite word for "prostitute", in the sense that you go where the money is and do what it takes to please the client!

Here are Just 42 of the Hats I have Worn !

1. I wrote my first program for an IBM 701 in 1951 (the father of a girl I knew in school was one of the designers of the 701, and yes, I know what "read-around ratio" means!). I worked on IBM punched-card equipment for a few years (I still remember that there 150 punched-cards to the inch!). I began programming computers professionally in 1957, back when computers filled up entire rooms, not just corners of desktops. I have learned and experienced a great deal since then and I can put any and all of it to work for you.
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2. We have done, and can do, a number of different things. We can organize data, summarize it, and report on it. We can do statistical analysis of the data after we have organized it. We can put together a computer program, or a system of computer programs, to solve a special need. We can reverse-engineer an executable computer program or a piece of embedded firmware to analyze exactly what it is doing. We can help you with writing or editing documentation or other print material.
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3. Whenever ANY system is put in place, it needs to have been analyzed from two opposite points of view. Are you considering reorganizing the way you're doing things? Or considering modifying your work-flow or installing a new system or a new set of procedures? Perhaps I can help you analyze them beforehand, to attempt to ameliorate the kinds of problems that can arise when there is a perceived advantage to gaming against the system?
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4. When something goes wrong involving a computer program, there are two places to look: the program itself, and the data it is processing. For more details and the two fundamental rules of programming see
So if a program misbehaves ... in any way ... it's worth examining carefully in the light of these rules. This is something I have done for a number of clients. Is there some way I can help you with a similar problem?

5. Statistics Can be a powerful tool when used both properly and appropriately. An excellent example of this in my consulting was for a lawyer whose client claimed the most recent set of layoffs at her company were discriminatory.... for more details please see

Once I made my report, the case settled without trial, to the benefit of my lawyer's clients.

6. I have even NOT written a report on a drive that no longer existed for a lawyer for an intellectual rights case not informing him what it was that I would have been able to determine had I had access to the drive. He happily paid when I billed for "Omphaloskepsis with respect to hard drive". For more see

DO you need help verifying metadata on an actual drive?

7. I once edited a dissertation written in English for a person from Moldova who was attending University in Tokyo.
His dissertation was accepted, and his PhD granted.
Is there some way I can help you with writing or editing documentation?

8. Some time ago I was retained to evaluate all of a company's materials for any discrimination on the basis of sex ... for more see

DO you need your company's materials evaluated from a certain perspective?

9. I have evaluated the value of an office's computer systems and cost of replacing them when a bomb in the elevator shaft damaged a building. In the process I was able to suggest critical steps to allow an increased chance of rescuing data from the machines BEFORE the electricity was restored to the building. My evaluation not only saved the insurance company money but actually left the claimant company with a better result than anticipated.

10. I once attempted to bring two Hebern cryptographic machines back into operating condition. While the attempt failed (because of the conflicting constraints of maintaining the historical integrity of the machines versus getting the machines to work), a great deal was learned about the internal construction of the machines, and is documented herewith.

11. I have given many lectures on a wide variety of subjects at conferences and meetings. Some of the groups lectured for have enjoyed my talks enough to reinvite me a speaker several times. I am also on call as an emergency back up speaker for a couple of local organizations for their monthly meetings. More surprisingly, one of my talks to a small group at a local library resulted in my teaching a couple of classes in the adult ongoing education center at a local college!
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12. I often see the world a little differently than most people. Sometimes it leads to previously unseen but obvious solutions to others' difficulties. Other times it can merely have some interesting results.
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How can I help you approach your business difficulties differently to get better results?

13. There is a story on the Internet about a programmer who was offered the following assignment: "We have all this data ... can you write us a computer program that will do something with it". When asked what they wanted the program to do, the response was "Oh, whatever it is that computers usually do"... for more see
How can I help you figure out what you really need? Remember, my tag-line is "Computer, Human, and Systems Symbiosis" ... making all of the parts work better as a whole!

14. Because I take protecting personal data seriously I filed suit against the IRS in Federal District Court in 1991 when the IRS. started putting social security numbers as part of the mailing address. The case was decided in favor of the IRS, but it got their attention and, in 1993, they instituted a change in policy that resulted in the Social Security number no longer being printed on mailing labels and, also, no longer being exposed (by a cut-out on the envelope) when mailing Government checks. So I lost the battle but won the war.
Somewhat more recently, I filed a law-suit against the Delaware River Port Authority to stop their requiring Social Security Numbers as a condition of getting a Senior Citizen Discount on bridge tolls. As a consequence, the SSN is no longer required!!
Can I help you assess your company's policies and procedures for issues that may unintentionally affect your customers, employees, or company adversely?

15. I am often successful at helping management understand and solve issues I come across in my daily life shopping, banking, dining out.... often in such a way that management appreciates my input and looks forward to seeing me in future interactions.
May I help you find and address potential issues in your business that may be causing difficulties for customers or employees that may be less adept at bringing them to your attention or presenting reasonable solutions?

I have other skills, interests (and Hats) that may be useful to you:

16. I'm am a serious calendar aficionado (see Megacal in the programs section of my website! ).

17. I was a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician for several decades.

18. When I worked in the computer division of a large life insurance company, I was told, in response to a question, "Oh, you wouldn't understand that ... that's an insurance question.". So in my spare time, in two years I earned my CLU and answered my own question!

19. I collect antique tools and have even restored antique machines including a left handed printing press and an old brass cash register.
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20. I'm a certified hypnotist, and 2nd degree Reiki practitioner.

21. I am the proud owner of 15,000 books all of which I've read (and many of which I remember). Some of them are quite old or rare.

22. I am fascinated by the inner workings of pipe organs and have helped build and repair a few.

23. My interest in languages has led me to someone wanting help with syntax involved in building an invented language.

24. I have participated extensively on both national and international committees involved with standardization of programming languages.

25. I have served on quite a few boards with several organizations with a variety or purposes to help accomplish myriad of tasks successfully. (More in depth details are included in my C.V. ).

26. I am treasurer and/or bookkeeper for several non-profit organizations.

27. A short résumé is available summarizing what we do. If you would like to read it, click this link.

28. There is a rather long curriculum vitae available also. If you would like to read it, click this link.

29. A list of computer programs I developed for specialized applications with descriptions and how to obtain them is available at this link.

30. Our webpage with more complete details is just a click away.

31. We can be reached at

We have the following social media pages as well.

32. Twitter - PeterZilahyIngerman

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36. If you need help putting a smile on your face - I can help there too!

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Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD, FBCS - Consultants

39. We specialize in Computer, Human, and Systems Symbiosis
... making all of the parts work together simply and smoothly for the benefit of all the parts!

40. Would you benefit from one of these Hats?

41. Or is there another Hat you need?

42. It may actually be hanging on my coat rack... give me a call and let's find out!

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