Everyone needs a little curation.

Ever struggle with collecting all of that great content you read or create? With infinite resources on the web, you can't possibly keep track of all the really good stuff without a tool to help you. Enter: Scoop.it.

Scoop.it is a curation tool that allows you to create topic lists, browse content and curate your most important articles. While it's important to have simple creation tools (Tackk), curation is the other piece of the puzzle. Tackk has partnered with Scoop.it to bring you relevant content marketing tips + ideas.

So why do we love Scoop.it for curation?

  • Offers two free topic lists for all users. If you need more lists or features, you can easily upgrade.
  • Their community is #1. Easily communicate with Scoop.it on sites like Twitter.
  • Scoop.it suggestions. Based on keywords and your topic lists, get relevant content served to you, ready for scooping!