Tips on How to Make Personas Work Magic for Your Content Strategy

The term content strategy is important and it has been around for several decades now. Everyone who owns a website knows how important it is to have a proper strategy because it is only with properly planned one can expect to make any impression with their content. There has been many different tools to assist in making really impressive content plans and in recent years personas are being leveraged in a whole new way.

Closer look at personas – evolution since mid-‘90s

Personas were first used back in the mid ‘90s and since then it has been used in many things, most commonly for gauging user experience and psychology. It has had a love-hate relationship with t designers, developers and everyone in between that made use of personas. Some think of it as a very good tool to help assess end users, others think of it as hype. But it has helped many and as far as we are concerned it works it clarifying and cutting through the immense load of data that is around for us to figure out.

How to develop content personas

As we already mentioned, personas have been helping designers and developers and everyone in between get their trade right. Content developers can leverage the application of personas. Here is how we suggest you do for that.

Begin by accumulating as much information you can about the audience. There will be a lot of information to sift from so we suggest that you really focus on one or two of them at a time and find out what they do, how much they spend on their clothes and food, are they married, if yes then how many kids they have, and also find out more about their demeanour and communication preferences. All of that will help you really grill down to the core of your persona, define a common point of reference that will later help you generate content for people that match that persona. The whole point of creating personas is to use it as a reference.

How to make use of your personas

  • Drill down on the niches

Now that you have the necessary personas for your business, begin by developing niches around them. What are these people looking to read? You will need advanced knowledge of their preferences and that will help you create content that has the best possible chance of being read and shared.

  • Assign keywords to these niches

The next thing we want you do is assign 5 different keywords to each of these niches making your best guess and using all the available data. This will help you later when you sit down to create the actual content for the personas.

  • Track and tweak

It is quite possible that you have hit the jackpot with your first attempt with personas or perhaps you need some amount of tweaking and changing as you see fit. Your tracking data will be of great assistance here, so make sure you do that. If you do not know how you track data get in touch with Content development companies or perhaps your web design agency can be of assistance here.

Author Bio: If you have ever had a brush with personas you will know that these are greatly useful tools. Personas are used by web design agencies and Content development companies. Find out how.