Content Management of Common Ground Management the Tyler Group Human Resource Consulting Firm

Through this service, CGM can develop or edit proposals and email blast messages; as well as develop, edit and maintain website information, for your company.

In short, CGM assists your company in delivering clear, concise messages, to your targeted audience, on various platforms.

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At Common Ground Management (CGM), we are encouraged to enhance the community, and unite Philadelphians, through a commitment to business and personal development while cultivating relationships with patrons in the region, which will facilitate growth and advancement for all those involved. Providing consistent valued service is the framework from which our company is founded.

As a minority-owned company, CGM will set a precedent on improving those in and around its community with diverse cultural events, educational-enrichment programs and our philanthropic efforts. It aims to become a recognized company throughout Philadelphia by continuously encouraging a culture that exemplifies the characteristics of our company

Name: Integrity, Loyalty, Strength and Community.

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