There's a New Way to Add Content to Your Tackk

Adding content has never been easier. We've created a widget bar which lives at the bottom of your Tackk at all times. All of the same Tackk widgets are there for you to click-into your Tackk (no major changes were made to the widgets themselves!).

The new widget bar looks like this, and lives at the bottom of your Tackk.

Add content anywhere

To add content anywhere on your Tackk, hover in that area and you'll see a new dashed line with 'Add stuff here' appear. Click anywhere on the dashed line to get the widget bar and select which type of content you'd like to add.

Move + reorder content, easier

Moving content widgets posed some issues with our old system, so instead of dragging and dropping, simply click the up or down arrow to move content around like in the GIF below. Your widget will stay in focus and move with you.

Use #hashtags anywhere in your Tackk

You are now able to add #hashtags anywhere in your Tackk. #Hashtags will link to that Tackkboard, and also work in headlines and titles!

Tagging that was previously at the bottom of your Tackk has now been moved to your 'Options' tab in the editor.

Benefits Helping Your Creation

  • Faster & Better Widgets
  • Smarter Toggles
  • More Consistency When Adding Content

So why did we change things up?

Reason #1: One of Tackk's core values is 'always simplify.' It's at the core of everything we do. Specifically, we're always focused on bringing a fast, simple approach to creating content on Tackk. And you create all of your fabulous Tackks by using content widgets; adding widgets to your Tackk is fundamental to your experience, and we knew it could be better. So we made updates to the way you add content widgets to improve your overall creation and save you time.

Reason #2: Widgets are Tackk's building blocks & a central focus of upcoming projects and new features which have us really excited. So in terms of building the foundation of really cool stuff that you'll be using in the near future, these changes made a lot of sense.

Sometimes change can be difficult, but we think in this case, you're going to love what we have done.