The Learning belongs to YOU!

no more waiting for others to initiate

You don't need anyone's permission to create meaningful change in public education.

There is NOTHING that you can't find on your own. Every great thinker and innovator in education has some form of online presence.
                                               GO FIND THEM. LEARN FROM THEM.
                              Don't wait for someone else to direct your learning.


Feel like you have a piece of a good idea but you need some help finishing it off? Are you looking for someone outside of your school community with whom to connect?

Develop an online PLN to generate new and powerful ideas. You are not alone. You are not isolated. There are millions of educators out there with whom to share ideas.

To learn more about creating a PLN visit:

Developing a PLN for educators via SLIDESHARE.


There has never been better time for professional learning. You do not have to wait for workshops. You do need to wait for direction. Information no longer flows linearly. If you want to improve your practice to better serve your school community, go ahead and do it. Get connected, abandon your fears and start taking charge of your own learning.