Coolest spot winner: Ilha de Mozambique, Africa

Traveled to by Pamela Jimison

When we announced our coolest spot contest to collect your favorite travel destinations, we never thought we'd get so many amazing entries. From tropics and beaches to snow and land, you've been to places that inspire and captivate us. Thank you to everyone who participated.

It was hard to choose just one winner, but based on the spot and amounts of likes, we chose Pamela Jimison as our winner. Pamela traveled to Ilha de Mozambique, Africa.

A brief description + breathtaking pics of this amazing place

Pamela: "Nothing can beat where I just returned of the most amazing spots on the planet: Ilha de Mozambique, Africa. This is a small island off the east coast of Mozambique, Africa. It sports beautiful beaches and rustic Portuguese buildings built back in 1522 including the oldest European building in the southern hemisphere - Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte."

Pamela enjoying her trip.

Ilha de Mozambique, Africa on the map

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3 years ago

YES! So cool! Thanks for the win. And is a gorgeous place to visit! Thanks, Tackk!

3 years ago

You are very welcome Pam! Thanks for sharing your awesome trip with us.