Tips for Living in Different Areas of the Arabic Penisula

Mountains: In mountains people would create steps in mountains, called terraces, to be able to farm on the side of the mountain. They would also make houses of mud bricks.

Desert: People who walked through or lived in the desert would eat cheese. They would also eat yogurt. They drank milk. People in the desert would wear long loose clothing. It was long so it would protect them from the sun and sand blowing in the air. It was loose so it wouldn't keep them warm.

Oases: In an oases people would build their houses out of palm wood. Instead of having wood for a roof they would use leaves. To grow crops there they made and irrigation system which were small canals dug that water would flow through to water the crops.

Coastal Plains: In coastal plains people would build wells and dams. They would also build irrigation systems. they gathered tree sap to myrrh and frankincense.

Video: Ancient Civilizations Arabian Peninsula to the Syrian Desert

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