Cooper Miles
Mesopotamia was advanced

One way Mesopotamia was advanced is that they created the first system of writing. They wrote with pictures but they found out that they could be used to make syllables like the word joy or power. The way write is called cuneiform and that's what made the syllables they wrote. This is historically important because that's the reason we write today. It also proved to us that they were very smart people.

The other way to show that Mesopotamia was advanced is because they made the wheel. This is advanced because it helped them move and they also made wagons to move better.  This was important to let us know that their advanced because it also proves that they are smart.

The final way to prove that Mesopotamia was advanced is that they made the first civilization ever. This proves that their advanced because a civilization has cities inside and that they had to build a advanced waterway and haves a lot of food. The civilization also had traders,farmers,priests, and kings in a social class. They also had a huge wall so that invaders couldn't get in and raid the civilization. They also had huge temples in which they could make offerings to the gods they worship. This was advanced because the civilization was organized. In the civilization even had a job specialization for certain people.