Be more innovative with a 3D printer!

Makerbot 3D Printer
Students working on the FIRST Robot

What Is Going On?

The STEM program has been blessed with many donations and helpful tools through the years.  This year one of the tools that we use often has been giving us some problems.  Our 3D printer has been acting up and breaking often. We need your help to buy a new 3D printer to help fuel our passion.  

Why We Need A New Printer

We love our printer, we have been using it daily to help students enhance their education.  The vast opportunities provided from the 3D printer can be applied to  the school Robotics Club(FRC), Solar Car prototyping, as well as school and personal projects.  Having a new and additional printer would greatly increase productivity and efficiency.  This 3D printer would benefit all classes from freshmen to seniors.

Why We Need Your Help

High quality 3D printers are not cheap.  The filament to print 3D objects is expensive as well.  With your help we lower the cost to the school and to the STEM program as well.  Any donation is accepted and will contribute to the purchase of a new 3D printer enhancing our students education and creativity.  

What Can You Do With A 3D Printer?

With a 3D printer we will be able to prototype designs for the Solar Car.  Students will be able to create designs for in class projects. Students will also be able to create things on the 3D printer for personal and home use as well. Innovation is a key principle instilled into the STEM students and a new 3D printer will allow those students to harness that creativity in to a visual, tangible, thing.

Why are we asking you for your help?

We need your help financially to create this opportunity for the students because currently our funds are going towards the robotics and solar car clubs to better prepare them for competition.  If each person here donate 1-3 dollars that will be enough money to purchase a new printer.

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