Corey Zimmer

Night tag with the posy #weaintscaredofnoghost #backinblack

My name is Corey Zimmer I am a freshman at Girard High School.  Above are some of my best friends enjoying our summer playing night tag.  I have a brother Connor who just started seventh grade.  My favorite thing to do is play basketball I am a huge basketball fan and love the game.  

3 Interesting Things About Me


Little flashback to this past ball season before the crew gets back together for this tournament with Mayes and Joe Swanson🏀💯 #cash

Above is a picture of me at the foul line in a close game against Northeast during my eight grade year.  Basketball is my life, I am so involved with it and practice when ever I can.  My main life goal is to play in the NBA.  My role model is a point guard named Stephen Curry on a NBA team named the Warriors.  My favorite teams are the Cavilers and Warriors for the NBA and Duke for college.


Above is a picture of two of my favorite foods steak and mashed potatoes.  I love almost all foods though.  Everything tastes so good to me and I'm always looking for new foods to try.  Sometimes I'll even mix foods up to see what I get, even though it sometimes backfires and I eat something really nasty.  But my favorite type of food is Italian foods, and my favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.

Being outside

I love being outside and being around nature.  I am outside whenever it's not raining and I have nothing to do.  During the summer I do a lot of camping and other things outside.  In fact after school today I am going camping for labor day weekend.  That just shows how much I love to be outside.

3 Goals of mine

My 1st goal is to be a professional basketball player I know it's a long shot but I believe it can be done with a lot of hard work and dedication.  My 2nd goal is another long term goal and it is like a back up plan for my first and it is to be an anesthesiologist.  I plan on getting there by taking a lot of science classes and, getting into a good college.  My last goal is simply to get straight A's this school year.  I plan on doing that by studying a lot this year.

I wold love to fist Hawaii

I would love to visit the Hawaii islands with my family for a week or two.  The reason I chose Hawaii is because I hear it's beautiful there and, a great place for vacations.  I think it'd be a great thing for my family to do together.  There is lots to do there for fun and, for my parents just to relax. I really think that the Hawaii islands would be a great place to visit with my family!

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