Ancient Mesopotamian Society

        Ancient Mesopotamia is believed to be the first civilization. Ancient Mesopotamia follows the eight characteristics of civilization, which is our basis for judging whether a civilization qualifies as one. To be a civilization a pseudo-civilization must have cities, a government, infrastructure, a system of writing, architecture and/or art, job specialization, social classes, and an organized religion.

       Ancient Mesopotamia had many different cities. By the year 1600 B.C.E. Mesopotamia was the foundation for more than thirty-four different cities. The main building material of the Mesopotamians was sun dried bricks. These were used because of the lack of timber in the area. Simple living quarters were built with bundles of reeds lashed together and inserted into the ground. More complex houses were made of bricks. Famous ziggurats were also built out of sun dried bricks as well as painted.

In ancient Mesopotamia scribes wrote in Cuneiform. Cuneiform is a system of writing that uses pictures instead of todays letters. These pictures are used to indicate certain objects such as the sun or a river. Over time these pictures have changed a lot. Some of the later versions of the object's picture look nothing like the original picture. Below is an example of the evolution of Cuneiform.

In ancient Mesopotamia there were four social classes. At the bottom resided the slaves. Slaves couldn't do much except for work for people. Above was the lower class. In the lower class people wore the same things as upper class people except it wasn't made of the same material. These people also likely didn't live in very nice houses. Above that is the upper class. Here were the people who had plenty of money. These people had very nice clothing, jewelry, and probably nice houses. At the top were the priests. Priests had much power and were very important. Priests told how to worship the gods and also worked as doctors. Priests shaved their heads to inform people that they were priests.

Ancient Mesopotamia truly was an advanced society. They followed all eight characteristics of a civilization as well as created many important things. Some of these things are the plow and the wheel itself. This should all be sufficient evidence to support the fact that ancient Mesopotamia was an advanced society.