Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Corinth.

Motto ; Survive, and live for your relatives' life.

Corinth was a powerful city state, with superior leaders which lead them to a famous place. All the boys had to go to military school to learn how to protect the country. Every time when there is a problem, they never needed others help, and solved them selves.

They believed in Greek Myth, and especially in Apollo. The temple of Apollo, which is built in 540 BC, had 38 columns but now just seven remained after the earthquake. It is the oldest surviving temple in Greece.

The Canal of Corinth is very well-known about the strange color of the water by the floor's lime ingredients. It shortens the way than go all the way around Peloponnesos Pen. The Canal is usually used for sightseeing. To make it, it would have been very hard because the length is about 6.3 kilometer in 1881 to 1883. You can even do Bungy Jumping if the wind is weak.

Corinth was famous back then of ceramic wares. They could trade with them leaving huge benefit. But soon Athens took the title so Corinth fell into a great trouble. In 146 BC, Rome had destroyed while it was in chaos. After rebuilding in 44 BC, because of an earthquake, Corinth ended like that. Now, Corinth came back, connected to other cities by railroads.